Picture of The Space Bar
In the interest of making your keyboard less boring, I wanted to bring the final frontier to your fingertips. Not to mention some silly wordplay. Houston, we have a rocking space bar.

This simple and quick keyboard mod took more time to dry than paint, and it can be easily customized. Want to feature Saturn? UFOs? More nebulae? You got it, Neil. You drive this spaceship.

Step 1: Remove key

Picture of Remove key
space bar 005.jpg
Most all keys are built to pop out, so don't worry about breaking anything. Take something small and sturdy to use as a lever (I used my keys) and ease it out.

Sand very lightly with fine sandpaper. This helps the paint bond to the surface.
That is so cool; I might have to do this to my son's keyboard while he's at school and see what he thinks of it when he gets home xD Won't he be surprised!
Mr. Gadgets2 years ago
Nicly done. I think it looks very convincing.
how did you do it
I got it from a guy and printed it out made it and here you have it thank you alot
monsterlego3 years ago
How, may i ask does this solve maria problems?
kazmataz (author)  monsterlego3 years ago
It's a clear view, because I've taken those clouds and pinned them down
Not to mention the whole moonbeam thing. :)
spark light3 years ago
Nice pun! I would do this in a flash if i weren't using a laptop. XD
Punkguyta3 years ago
Lol Dell keyboard.
i used to have a button like that, but i have no idea where i put it. i must have totally "spaced" it! yuk, yuk, yuk!
jj.inc3 years ago
I wan't to make a keyboard with custom keys that have things like A for Apple and B for Bat and Z for Zebra. Its gonna be good.
Sounds interesting. Be sure to make an Instructable when you make this, because I have a feeling it will be a hit!
yes I am trying to figure out some stuff for numbers and word keys
for numbers you could use roman numerals or maybe a tally, for the letters you should use the attached pic
Thanks, That is a great idea for the numbers. I have already planned out my letters, but I like the idea behind those so I think I will change a few of mine, I really liked the USB and Wikipedia ones
There could be a lock picture on the Caps Lock button. That's the only one I can think of.
I wonder if I could fit a gear-shift look on the shift key
Yeah, that could work
hjjusa3 years ago
I'm going to put the Star Ship Enterprise on my space key.
bowmaster3 years ago
Nice, I wish I could do this with my laptop; you can't remove the keys without them breaking.
you CAN remove them without breaking them, its just difficult. :D
caleb.gross3 years ago
Will the keys pop off of a laptop keyboard?
aaires13 years ago
Nice project!
I'll try with airbrush.

And I vote Blue Shift(half-life) of course! :D
sockeye1013 years ago
anode5053 years ago
Now to make the 'ANY' key.
And the reverse witch so I can back up my computer.
kazmataz (author)  anode5053 years ago
haha I love it
Krycie3 years ago
I did that myself, (but with Copics and clear tape) unfortunately it didn't last very long. How long have you had yours?
Experimenting with nailpolish right now ^^
I love the space bar. Such an awesome play on words and it really make the keyboard interesting to look at.

The golden $ is a nice touch as well. (Though I must admit something. At first I was very confused why your 4 key was golden.)
it is very nice idea......i like it.
Why didnt i think of this? *facepalms*
at least i still have an idea... A Golden Key! *looks at pictures, sees golden key*
Dangit. *starts sobbing*
fishydrew33 years ago
It's out of this world cool;)
whiteoakart3 years ago
This is very funny and nicely done. I enjoyed all the quotes and song references.
whiteoakart3 years ago
You can get a field of stars quickly and convincingly with a toothbrush and watered down white acrylic. Dip the toothbrush in the mixture, hold it near your space bar, and rub your thumb across the bristles. Tiny splatters of different transparency and size will deposit themselves over everything in the area. You can direct it to get a denser strip of stars like the milky way in a certain area if you wish. Practice on a piece of black paper beforehand. It is pretty easy.
angelabchua3 years ago
hahahha! i love this.
80$man3 years ago
Total Victory! I'm gonna do some combo's:
Ctrl + Alt + Del: aka "Houston... We have a problem..."
Alt + F4: aka "Houston... We are ditching..."
bertus52x113 years ago
ha, ha, ha...!
How about the backspace key?Or Tab?
ongara_013 years ago
can u design F1 key as car racing formula one:)
Tomcat943 years ago
When I first clicked this, I was expecting to see an actual bar that was made to look like a giant space bar.

But this is waaaay better. :P
ilpug3 years ago
Win. I am going to do this. eventually.
zazenergy3 years ago
Love it!