The Spider Cut is not really a cut - it's more of a flourish. To see a video tutorial (no speaking) go to this site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLtkhERny0U
(this is NOT by me)
I give credit to Mikkel Samuelsen, and twin brothers Dan and Dave Buck for this.

I will show step by step photos and explanations. Good luck!

Hint: It's easier than it looks (not saying too much but still...)

Step 1: Grip

How you hold the deck to start.

Picture 1: Ensure you hold the deck EXACTLY in this position.
Picture 2: You should be able to do that.
Picture 3: The starting grip.

By the way, look for cards that fit your hands. It's much easier for learning. When you are done, you can use larger cards (like title pic).
This flourish is called "werm" not a spider cut.
this is the Werm. dude how could you steal someone else's cut?
good one bro <br>
I can't change the step with a deck of cards in my hands. LOL <br> <br> <br>
I'm more of a coin guy and tend to concentrate on the arts of magical illusion rather than flourishes (over and above a few simple flips and rolls) so I am always well impressed by the cardist's dexterity with the pasteboards! This would make a beautiful false cut because it is also perfect misdirection - no-one would be checking out the order of the cards, they'd just be gawping at the skill. Very cool. If anyone wants to get into card flourishes in a big way or just see some truly mind-blowing stuff on video there is a site called theCuso which a quick google would easily find which is probably the best for this sort of thing.
Did this when playing some MtG with friends to &quot;Shuffle&quot; the cards had it in my perfect order afterwards was a quick game......... I still lost :(
ah well, your friends should at least have been impressed ;)
Wait a sec<br>isn't this Dan and Dave's WERM cut<br>dude that's like stealing you just change the name
So I have heard after publishing this instructable. I have given them credit above. And I learnt this off the video link above, by Mikkel Samuelsen, and it was called the Spider Cut. I'm just publishing it nice and step by step.
I learnt to do it with my Magic the Gathering deck.Now I can amaze my friends when I cast Diabolic Tutor.<br><br>Thanks!
Wait, does that mean you are stacking your deck and tricking them with your shuffle? I see your swamp and raise you a plain.
I might since you mentioned it...
quick roll for defense!
To both captainpillz44 and paperclip32, I'm so happy it helped! Have fun amazing friends and doing it when you're bored. I do exactly that!
the text was a bit confusing for me so i looked at the last picture of each step and figured out how to get there. Great Instructable, fun to do when you're bored :D
awesome. i was looking for a way to make my card tricks less boring. this should be PERFECT
Great! I'm glad it helped!
Nice one looks GRATE! <br>A video instructable will be grate too<br><br>Good Work :)
Thanks! As I said, I don't think I can put a vid, but for a video tutorial, use the link. This instructable was only a written description of the video for people who don't have a high download quota or just didn't understand. But thanks again for the positive feedback!
This looks really awesome. I like that you included a link to an offsite video, but it would be really cool to see a video of you doing it as part of your Instructable. Looks tricky!
Thanks very much! I don't know about the video though, but thanks for the feedback..

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