Step 5: Collapsing the Spiral Data Tato

Once you have all your creases in place, it's a good time to switch to video. This is how we collapse the crease pattern.

Your first time through will take you a little longer. Do not despair -- fold one or two of these and you'll be able to fold them as fast or faster than this.
This is amazing! Thank you so much for posting these instructions.
wow i've done it! its wonderful!
Men, pots some more 'ibles like this one.
for me this part was a little hard then it started to get easer. now i'm making the cd case for my friends. i can make some money thank u
oschene (author)  crosszxcvbnm5 years ago
Please read the license -- no commercial use without prior arrangement.
Maybe I'm way too impatient, but I honestly couldn't do it.

Even after taking seven hundred years in the folding, this part, I just couldn't fathom. ):

It is still superbly nice.
I might even attempt it again tomorrow.
addison1016 years ago
Me too
sholt6 years ago
Does anyone know where the video went?
wupme sholt6 years ago
I see it right there.