The Spitball Sniper





Introduction: The Spitball Sniper

Well I guess I'm back 
this is one I had planned back for September
and I like how stable the base is so here you go

Step 1: Materials

So here you go
tape or hot glue
Tools :

Step 2: The Barrel

Tape or glue the two straws together as shown 

Step 3: The Sight

cut aproximatly an inch off of the third straw. Then cut 2 1/2 centimeter lengths to stand the scope. Glue or tape together as shown. Mount, then cut a small sliver bend it tape it under the scope to make a crosshair.

Step 4: The Stand

cut two centimeter pieces at a diagonal and tape them on the front of the bottom barrel with the diagonal pointed so it lines up with the table as shown.

Step 5: The Stock

cut one length one and tape it  under the extra at the end of the gun.
And enjoy!



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    This is one of my favorite creations I put two little straw pieces instead of one so i could hold it better :) anyways I love it and thank you so much

    2 replies

    Thank you for trying it out!

    thank you for posting something so awesome

    to be even more accurate, you can just use a regular spitball gun and look through it to aim before you load it, and just hold it steady.

    1 reply

    i have an idea you doing that and leave me alone

    If anyone could design a better stock and post pictures I would gladly add it and your name to the instructable

    Post a pic please.

    How do you look down the sight AND blow through the end both at once?
    (Or am I missing something?)

    1 reply

    aim it then fire at least thats how I do it
    thats why I made the stand