Step 6: Attaching the Lens

The first step of attaching the lens to the clock case, is to make sure the lens fits in the lens hole.

Next prepare the cold laminating pouch by removing the side that has no adhesive and discarding that piece. Using the side with adhesive, carefully peel the protective cover off.

Remove the protective cover from the backside of the lens, and wash that side thoroughly with window cleaner. Do not skip this step.

What we are going to do is attach the piece of the laminating pouch plastic that has adhesive to the backside of the lens. The part that overlaps the lens will be stuck to the backside of the case front. This step is a bit fussy. We want to make sure that all the air bubbles are removed from where the plastic film contacts the lens. Do not be surprised if you are not successful the first time. The trick is to touch the back of the lens with the laminating material only in the center of the lens, then use the tip of your thumb to slowly smooth and attach more of the plastic to the lens. When you get one half done, do the same for the other side. I got it right on my second try.

Now carefully insert the lens into the back of the front piece of the case and smooth the overlapping adhesive covered plastic film firmly onto the case. Turn the clock front over and remove the protective covering from the front of the lens.

Originally I tried to use clear packing tape for this purpose. What I found was that the packing tape isn't as clear as you want, so even if you get out all the air bubbles, it will not look as good as the laminating pouches.

When you are done you should not be able to tell that the laminating film is there.