Introduction: The Star Spangled Banner on Keytar 2

My rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Played on a Roland Ax-Synth.


TheNerdWhoBuilds (author)2012-11-17

How much did that cost?
I want one but someone has informed me that the Lucina is better for begginers.
Is that true?

One thousand dollars. I'm not sure, I've never heard of it. I wish you luck with finding one though, it's a fun instrument.

mahmel (author)2010-09-13

Hendrix forever!

lemonie (author)2010-06-28

I quite like this, the sound is about right and I am thinking of Hendrix. I'm also thinking "get yourself a real axe, and what could you do?" (absolutely bugger-all musical ability myself...)


Oblivitus (author)lemonie2010-07-05

Thank you very much. However, as I've told you before, I plan to stick with the keytar.

lemonie (author)Oblivitus2010-07-06

Well, I'll look forward to the next one, I can't play anything so best wishes to someone who can.


asdfda3432 (author)2010-06-26

Better than the first...Though the swaying when you held a note was sorta weird...No offense.

Oblivitus (author)asdfda34322010-06-26

Yeah, it's a nervous reaction. I'm still getting used to performing in front of a camera/audience.

Vynash (author)2010-06-26

Very good :)

MegaMetal8 (author)2010-06-26


TheChemiker (author)2010-06-25

Why a v2? Is it better?

Oblivitus (author)TheChemiker2010-06-25

Yes, much better.

TheChemiker (author)Oblivitus2010-06-25

Ok, I haven't heard it yet.

caitlinsdad (author)2010-06-25

Ne pas utiliser le pouce pour pitch bend. Use the other fingers like on a guitar, that way you can do the vibrato/modulation by pressing on the bar.

Millawi Legend (author)2010-06-25


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