The Starbucks Prank


Introduction: The Starbucks Prank

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Step 1: Materials

-Plastic Wrap

Step 2: Prep

Pour the coffee into the cup. Cut the bottom of the Starbucks cup out and put in the wrap. Put the coffee back in and put on the lid. Cut away the excess wrap.

Step 3: What Will Happen

When the victim unscrews the cap, coffee will spill all over them. Why? The plastic wrap is only held by the lid, and if they can't drink the coffee from the lid, they will have to remove it. This will release the suspended plastic wrap, and since the cup has no bottom, the wrap will fall away and the coffee will be released from the plastic wrap.



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    @Ibull2287 don't worry, I would make sure that the cup was over a table or something :)

    @BikeHacker yeah, and maybe I could buy an extra because I <3 ICED TEA! :D

    Cool I Like it

    This would work better with iced tea. At least it wouldn't burn your victim!