Picture of The Steam Radio
Hello Steampunkers, dear friends

This time I explain you how to build in some easy steps a unique Steampunk Radio with a glowing "Vacuum Tube" on the top.
All the parts I used, exept the broken radio, are from the junk yard. The broken radio I bought from a friend for 1 buck. It was demounted and the idea was to use the vacuum tubes for some other projects. He told me there is no way to fix it...:-) The positive fact of this radio was the "line-in" jack - so it's possible now to connect a MP3 player or a mobile phone.
To keep the antique look of this Steampunk creation I decided not to repaint or to polish something.

Step 1: The Philips BCH 420A from 1952

Picture of The Philips BCH 420A from 1952
After I got the demounted radio for 1 buck I went to my small Steampunk Lab to take out the tubes and other useful parts. But I was too curious - I wanted to know if this radio is really broken. So I plugged it in and switched it on... The "Philips BCH 420 A" hum very loud even before the vacuum tubes warmed up. A clear sign that the filter capacitor is over the edge and broken. I found an old one in my storage and replaced the part.
Yesss....the radio was running!!!!
So I cleaned out all the dust from the last 60 years and with the help of some "contact spray" even the switches and the potentiometers became like new.
Wow! Come along to the Coldwater Ontario Steampunk Festival August 10/13
You will have an immediate fan club!!
nerd74732 years ago
that is so cool
thechocolatist (author)  nerd74732 years ago
Thanks. Great that you like it!
Эх, такой приёмничек испортил
pastanaut2 years ago
I like the water damage on the front. It adds subtly to the idea that there are working inside which are powered by steam.
wobbler2 years ago
You refer to 1uF capacitors, but the picture looks like a 0.1uF capacitor. Can you confirm the correct value? Thanks.
thechocolatist (author)  wobbler2 years ago
Hi. the correct value is 1uF, the picture should only give a sample how this capacitors are looking like. I will change the picture. Thank you for your comment.
Winged Fist2 years ago
Wow! You never cease to amaze Mr. Chocolatist! You got my vote for both competitions, even though I plan to enter both contests, you surely deserve to win;-)