The SteamRoller Riding Contraption


Step 1: Materials

Here is the basic list of parts. The dimensional lumber is estimated because I had enough scraps to cover that. I ripped the various sizes needed on my table saw from larger lumber.

(2) 4' x 8' sheets of 3/4" Plywood (I used BC Exterior grade)
(1) 4' x 8' sheet of 1/2" Plywood (I used BC Exterior grade)
(1) 2 x 4 x 6' pine board
(1) 1 x 6 x 6' pine board

Surplus Center Parts
(4) 7/8 4 Bolt Bearing Block (#1-205-14-4)
(2) 10' pieces .40 pitch chain (#1-1163-40)
(2) 11 tooth 7/8" shaft sprocket (#1-2123-11-D)
(2) 30 tooth sprocket. (#1-2123-30-4B)
(4) 7/8" dia. shaft collars (#1-2766-87)
(2) #40 Chain Connecting Link (#1-1087-40)

(4) 7/8" I.D. bearings (eBay)

6' of 3/4" heavy wall copper tubing
4' of 1" thin wall copper tubing.
(12) 3/4" 90deg copper elbows. (buy a bag/box of them...much cheaper)
(2) 1" copper end caps.
(2) 8" long 1/2" pipe (wheel Axles)
(2) 1/2" pipe flanges (mounts axles)

26' 5/8" I.D. Heater tubing
5/8" double barbed fitting.
1/8" NPT Schreader tire value
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corsi4 years ago
what was the diamiter of the 30 tooth sprocket. i can't find 1-2123-30-4B on
What was the total cost of this project?
corsi4 years ago
When you say surplus center what kind of store was it and what was the name of the store. I need to find all the "tricky" thing first the other stuff is easy to find
bdring (author)  corsi4 years ago
corsi bdring4 years ago
thank you. you were right the surplus parts are alot

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