Picture of The Steampunk Data Burner
Dear friends, hello Steampunkers

This time I show you how to upcycle a small USB memory stick to a huge Steampunk Artifact. May you will say  why he is doing something like that? The USB stick was such a handy thing... yesss, it's handy, but is it eyecatching? After the upcycling it will be eyecatching!

Step 1: The Things I used

Picture of The Things I used
For this Instructable I used the following things:
  • an old gas burner from a laboratory
  • some brass tubes and fittings
  • an old KEN-RAD 80 rectifier vacuum tube
  • a LED with resistor
  • some cables and an old USB cable with plug
  • USB memory stick
  • copper wire and a shoelace

Step 2: Upcycling the Gas Burner from the Lab

Picture of Upcycling the Gas Burner from the Lab
After the cleaning process I painted the socket black and polished the old brass parts. That was it. After only  fifteen minutes of work the burner looked like new. Then I mounted the burner on the wooden drip mat to see if there is enough space for the slim memory stick between burner and drip mat. I had luck!!

Step 3: The Memory Stick

Picture of The Memory Stick
I drilled a hole for the cable into the stand of the burner. Then I soldered the USB cable to the memory stick and connected resistor and copper wires for the LED, which I planned to mount on the top of the vacuum tube.

Step 4: The Vacuum Tube - KEN-RAD 80

Picture of The Vacuum Tube - KEN-RAD 80
The KEN-RAD tube is mounted on different brass tubes which fit together like a puzzle. After finishing the LED I mounted the brass fitting with the light with Super Glue to the top of the tube.To keep the cables on place I used parts of the shoelace.

Step 5: The Finish

Picture of The Finish
On the pictures you can see some details how I finished the Data Burner.
I hope I could give you some ideas for an own project. Feel free to ask me if you have some troubles or questions.

Sincerely yours

The Chocolatist

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I second Junophor - Pure steampunk genius!

In the last century, when I was taking biology lab, we called these Bunsen burners, but you have turned it into a beautiful bits & bytes burner;-)
Junophor1 year ago
Dear Sir

This is really a genius work
Take a bow!

Yours Aeon Junophor
fretted1 year ago
Man i love your work and your website is awesome too ! great stuff keep it up !