Picture of The Steampunk Kaleidoscope
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Dear Friends, dear Steampunkers

Our little son's most beloved toy in the "Kindergarten" is a beautiful Kaleidoscope. He spends a lot of time to observe the changing effects and pictures in this magic tube.
Some time ago he came home with a big smile and a present from his Kindergarten teacher: three mirrors for a Kaleidoscope. The teacher lady told him: "Ask your Daddy - I'm sure he will build you your own "Magic Tube"...

So, that was the challenge. But I only wanted to guide our 7 years old son because I was sure he is able to build it whit his own hands and with my help....

Here the steps we went thrue...may you will build soon your own "Steampunk Kaleidoscope"!

Step 1: Building the Tube

Picture of Building the Tube
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For the tube we used the paperboard roll in which the mirrors were packed, because the shape and dimensions fitted perfectly. We found some old wood to plank the tube, so it will look like a wooden barrel....
After all we painted the tube with varnish.
DIY-Guy1 year ago

Very pretty inside and out. Good job. That inspired me.

I love that hat.
thechocolatist (author)  therabbitbee1 year ago
Yeah, this two brothers in Germany are making great leather stuff: www.leder-joe.de
zerohero3 years ago
That is a lovely top hat have you considered making an istructable on how to make that?
thechocolatist (author)  zerohero3 years ago
Hi Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I'm not good in leather works, but I know two german guys which are really great in that. Visit their website on www.leder-joe.de - they have wonderful things there... Sincerely The Chocolatist
I must admit being a little envious of your boy, I have always loved kaleidoscopes. This is a lovely piece, well done to you both.
Winged Fist3 years ago
Wow! Beautiful! Really nice job with the photos too... I'm sure Master Chocolatist Jr. has the fanciest "Magic Tube" in his class!;-) 5 stars from NYC!;-)
Nice piece!
How big is it, if that is a "standard" top hat, then this is pretty big to a kaleidoscope!
thechocolatist (author)  BrefelanDesigns3 years ago
Thanks for your comments.
Yes, that's my top hat which I wear every day - it's a standard size.
The Kaleidoscope is 35cm long and quite heavy....