Step 11: Tune

Picture of Tune
Basically, you're done... BUT, let's tune it up a bit.

Check for these these things:

over stressing parts (trying to make them do more then they want to do)

Basically add some oil (not much, but some) adjust parts that are causing problems, and keep everything sealed up tight. Also, we need to counterbalance the displacer.

First, go ahead and glue the other PVC piece down as well as the peanut butter top. Pull out the fan weight (or the penny or whatever) and start gluing it around on the wheel (use doublestick tape until you find the right spot) until you get the best preformance. This will probably be opposite the bend in the crankshaft, but not necessarily.

You're done go run your engine!
rnewt82 years ago
i'm having some issues with my engine. I have made three different cam shafts at all different depths and i finally found one that runs the smoothest. I'm convinced that it can't get much smoother. I also checked for leaks and i found none except for the little tiny hole on the cold plate where the dis-placer rod comes through. I made my piston with 5 minute gorilla glue epoxy because that was all i had with me. It is very smooth but i had to sand the piston down to get it to that smooth point. those are the only two potentials problems i have. Should i re-cast the piston? Or some how seal up the dis-placer hole? Or both? Besides that my machine looks identical to yours but it just doesn't want to work.