My job is a whole bunch of moving from one space to another. It is very repetitious and less is more when it comes to bringing supplies. Dual purpose products scream out to me so I thought I would share this idea with you. In Alberta, Canada there is a company that makes or imports a screw on lid for 5 gallon pails.

You know the white pails that every product you can think of comes in. The pail is strong, the right size, and can be found everywhere. Most of the time these pails are thrown away, and the lids that come with the pails are an SOB to take off with your fingers. The lid is called a GAMMA Seal and I think it is the best thing since sliced bread. I use this lid for my lunch pail, and when I am in Hawaii I use two of the pails with lids to store my items and I fill them with pool water to add weight to my workouts.

For my job I need a tool pail that I can power wash, fits in annoyingly small areas, I have to be able to sit on it, and operate an auger for hour long stretches. For me this is the answer that fits my life to a tee.

Step 1: Acquiring the Materials.

You will need:

- A 5 Gallon Pail no lid.
- A leftover scrap piece of 200mm (8") PVC Sewer Pipe.
- A leftover scrap piece of 150mm (6") PVC Water Pipe
- Gamma Seal Lid (Any color)
- A leftover piece of wood larger than the inside diameter of the bottom of the 5 gallon pail.
- PL9000/Epoxy or substitute.

Optional: Metal Carabiner, 1-1/2" tubing, handle tubing.

Tools you will need:
- Access to a band saw, table saw, drill press, power sander, router.
- A bastard file, some sand paper, an exact-o-knife. a caulking gun.
- Optional: Spray Paint, Masking Tape.

Safety PPE required:
- Eye protection, gloves, ear protection.
Where is my head, I was expecting a different type of "stool" pail.
Goes right to "poo".
Actually... you can buy toilet seats designed to fit on these buckets, along with the special purpose plastic bag inserts. [grin] In fact, I know that Sportsmans Guide (see my comment above on Gamma Seal source) used to sell them, and presumably still does. (No, I'm not an SPG rep, nor do I get a commission. Darn it. [grin])
So did I and thought it would be very creative : a stool pail that could also be a stool ! So environmental friendly : space saving, all-in-one, multipurpose &quot;stool&quot; err ... &quot;tool&quot;, <br>local or short supply distribution service (from the plate to stool),etc... <br> <br>Oh well ! Guess I must wait a little bit longer. <br> <br>LOL
I was thinking the same thing!
I've been on jobs that had those kinds of stool pails!
Two Observations:<br> <br> (1) Given the chance, always get a white colored pail/bucket to hold tools in. The difference in interior visibility between a white bucket and any other color e.g. blue, orange etc, is enormous. I've found myself having to break out my flashlight to find something in a bucket even though I'm in a brightly let room. The buckets are deep enough to cast shadows and you usually block the light when you bend over the pail to look into it. White pails reflect enough light from the bottom to silhouette almost everything. Alternatively, paint the inside white or put some white plastic at the bottom. You will be surprised how much difference that makes.&nbsp;<br> <br> (2) If you were to extend the PVC separators up to contact the bottom of the lid, you could use it as as an actual stool for anyone under 200lb/90kg.&nbsp;
Don't underestimate the lid. This bucket will withstand heavy loads. I weigh 230 pounds and can stand on the pail with no worries. Good comment on the color. White was my first choice for other reasons.
That's good to know. I haven't used one of the gamma lids yet. It appears that by reinforcing the rim, they keep the bucket from flexing and increase it load carrying capacity. It turns the bucket into a cylindrical torsion box.
Gamma Seal supplier, US$7.99 apiece (less if you're in their &quot;Buyers Club&quot;): <br> <br>http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/gamma-seal.aspx?a=266012 <br> <br>I use food grade buckets with the lids for bulk food storage, camping gear, even waterproof &quot;luggage&quot; (and yes, toolboxes). Think of them as cylindrical, air and water tight hardcase shipping boxes, and indulge your imagination. Sportsman Guide only seems to have black, white, and orange Gamma Seals. I use the international orange lid for my emergency supplies (rations, medical, stuff like that).
<a href="http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=23221&catid=686" rel="nofollow">Cheap and simple lids</a>
A local grocery that carries food storage supplies has the gamma lids. I have a use several. Good job.
That is an awesome idea!! You should mass produce the inserts.

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