It began by talking about ideas--then a pencil sketch on a yellow pad.

This techno/art installation was constructed through the collaboration of Mike and Annelle Rigsby, a husband/wife team. Mike, an electrical engineer, and Annelle, an artist, spent over 2000 hours creating this display. Ten Arduino microcontrollers and dozens of motors were combined with hundreds of 3d printed parts to make this happen.

Mike and Annelle are both authors and this project was created for the community to enjoy. Using clay, Annelle formed models for the Elf heads (and Santa), smaller elves, dozens of animals (riding the ferris wheel) and other parts. The clay models were 3d scanned, adjusted in size (or adapted to fit motor shafts), then 3d printed.

Annelle painted the figures and made the clothing. Servo motors (controlled by Arduino microcontrollers) allow the characters to “act” in a planned fashion. The “story” acted by the characters lasts about 3 minutes and is repeated.

Santa’s Shop will be on display daily this December, operating from 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. in the window at:
Brightway Insurance Agency; 9127 SW 52nd Ave, Gainesville FL 32608

Step 1:

The sketch was refined after considering what would fit and what we had the skills to construct.

<p>Wow, impressive! That's dedication! And I thought I was crazy :-)</p>
<p>Standing ovation...hat's off to you both. I am amazed with your combined talents.</p><p>Happy Holidays to you both!</p><p>Build_it_Bob</p>

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