The Stride Super Pack - Gum Pack Mods!




Introduction: The Stride Super Pack - Gum Pack Mods!

On our half and normal birthdays, my school gives you candy, (I know, epic right?) and I a bunch of packs of Strid gum. So then I got the idea, what mods could I come up for these? And that's what I did, and the Stride Super Pack gives you FOUR different mods!

And those mods are:

- 3x Storage
- Mixed flavors in one pack (forget the two flavors in one-packs, you can now do SIX-in-one!)
- Multi shape gum storage, this let's you also store the more longer and thinner gums sideways.
- Trash Storage, This let's you put wrappers inside the pack when there isn't a trash can around. Also, I made a little bar that slides up and down keeping the trash inside the package! ( Check Pic 4 )

So there you go! Enjoy amazing everyone with these amazing gum mods!



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