This is my attempt at making sketches for the structure of the Cob Playhouse I posted last week: https://www.instructables.com/id/Naturally-Cool-Cob-Playhouse/

Someone was asking for more information about how the structure was put together, but I did not have any photos of the process. I did my best to sketch it out here.
Tomorrow I will make sketches for the roof, since that was a project unto itself.

disclaimer: I am not a professional architecht , builder or artist. This entire project was built from scrap wood and designed as I was building. The structure was based on the wood I had available. Given a larger budget, more time and some help, I am sure this would have been put together the "right" way.

Step 1: The Base and Floor

Basically we started with a bunch of 2x6 lengths. Someone had left a pile here after doing some framing. Most of this structure is based on 2x6's,  simply because there was such a big stack of them.

So, I started with a simple rectangle of 2x6, with cross-beams of the same. Simple!
<p>I bet the kids love it and get far more enjoyment out of it than if you had spent a bundle on a mass produced one ( probably lasts longer than many as well ) brilliant </p>
<p>Nice, Ghettocottage. I am going to use some of your ideas here for an inexpensive chicken coop. Since it will be in a well-shaded area, I am thinking of making a full-on moss roof. I like your natural porch posts. I will also add some similar horizontal rails inside for roosts for the girls.</p>
this is awesome, love how it turned out :)

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