Check my A.D.U Bazooka 1140 too!

This is my new dune buggy!
It has some super sweet options and a cool design!
This project started out as a truck with two suspension bars making it almost able to drive over anything but this looked way better!

Nothing more to say so heres some pros and no's:

-Independent suspension.
-Crash impact bumper.
-Not complicated to build.

-Wheels are the weak point.

You likey?
Let's get to building then!

Step 1: Parts List

-19 greens
-25 light greys
-10 reds
-49 greys
-37 yellows
-14 dark blues
-26 purples
-4 oranges

-3 red rods
-6 yellow rods
-10 blue rods
-63 white rods
-64 green rods
-2 bendy grey rods

-4 double-folded, small, rubberbands.

-13 Y-shapes
-2 tan clips
-1 steering wheel
-24 light blue spacers
-13 grey spacers

-4 smallest black wheels
-4 medium rims
-5 medium tires
-1 grey gear without tan clip space

Got the pieces ready?
Let's move on then!

Step 2: Roof

This is the roof that can break the drivers fall when it topples over.
Build it once.

Step 3: Collect the Driving Wheels

These are the wheels that are the best for this car.
Get them!

Step 4: Fake Engine

I know it's not needed but it just made it look cool.

Step 5: Frame (1)

This is the front of the frame.
Build it once.

Step 6: Frame (2)

This is the back part of the frame.
Build it once.

Step 7: Frame (3)

This is the front bumper of the frame.
Build it once.

Step 8: Frame (4)

This is the cab in the middle-back of the buggy.
Build it once.

Step 9: Frame (4)

These bars are the strength bars for the suspension together with the blue spacers.
Get them!

Step 10: Reserve Wheel

This is the wheel that you can use if you lose one of your wheels.

Step 11: The Suspension

This is my independent suspension system.
Build this part twice.

Step 12: Assembly

Any problems or questions?
Ask them in a comment and i will reply as soon as possible.

Step 13: You're Done!!!

Well, you've built yourself the Sukito TS-1120 Dune Buggy!
Have freaking much fun with my knex cart!!!

Cool desin
can you add some more pics of the roof
I like the suspension! I have never seen that wheel before by the way. (The steering wheel)
You didn't ever see it?! It's in the Dune Truck package by K'nex :D
Oh, ok then. I got plenty of small knex sets when I was 5-7, and then a few like Cyber Knex 1 and ATT when I was 10. Oh, and I got 10lbs on Ebay last year. And I never saw that set!
it is also in the "low rider" set which is a red early 60's impala that has hydraulics
Lol :P
dude this is totally B.A most of my dark grey 1 way connectors r in use rite now but i plan on buildin it in the future
car rocks the suspinsion is great <br>
Cheers mate!
LOL Modern warfare addict.
Nah Black Ops Addict :P
its the best
I'm making right now....
<em>the suspension cool ,but make a better buggy<strong></strong></em><br/>
You try to, i don't feel like buidling a vehicle.. I'm sure it will look good, won't it? :)
hi , i mad a cool truck .i am post a video. i am&nbsp;thinking about making a rock crawler . what do you think&nbsp;
As the song goes: Do whatever you like.<br /> Btw, where you from?<br /> Your grammar is a bit on the foreign side.
do you still make stuff out of knex .
Yes, but i don't post them anymore, i don't know why..<br /> ?
<em>what have you make out of knex . can you list them.<br /> </em>
about the suspension can you make some more detail photo's? I what really to make the car
hey can anyone tell me which heavy weapon of Viccie's to build the cannon or bazooka cause i want power but dont have a whole lot of yellows or greens so i need a prefered gun to build
u should have made it with springs for suspension so it looks even more real
how do u fit the engine
this is sick! I havent really built anything on instructables that was made out of knex but not a gun, but this is a definite build!
I have a couple of questions. 1. can you give a better detail on the suspension 2. i couldn't see where the engine went so whenever you can please answer
I would like to point out that this vehicle isn't a dune buggy, but its reminiscent of a sand-rail.
pretty cool im gonna build it then make a drive shaft so its 4 wheel drive and put an electric motor on then take her through lots of water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice, I built it. It is kinda big.
nice i may build ohh ya i did build it
Lol, thats quick XD
after looking at all of your stuff i am starting to think that you are one of the best builders here
looks really good!
Thanks and nice little avatar vid :D How do you make a vid into your Avatar?
get a video and save it as a .bmp file and upload it. I"m pretty sure it's .bmp file if not something similar.
Thank you :)
actually it's a gif. file and you can only do it with an animation.
Ok, thanks :)
No its not .bmp, its .gif
yeah I forgot...
u r the best Viccie
is there any way to make it motorized i am hopefully gonna have a knex war and i wanna build a good motorized car to put your time bomb on to drive to my enemies hehehe hahaha muahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Cannot be motorized. If it could i would've done it XD
what a dark blue??
That is one of those blue things that you can click together with another dark blue
i thought it was those blue tan clips with out the tab
Nope. :P
ive made one of these before but i never posted it. i threw it down my stairs and it didnt break!

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