Picture of The Sunstar Pistol - Remodeling a Masterpiece
One of my original triumphs was my Original Handgun It was a good project, and despite many further attempts, i never replicated that nice unique design.

The new version i have dubbed 'The Sunstar' it fires a live flare of fusion material from the small star at its core. The star itself is held in a Tri-directional gravity field, keeping the gun light and accurate.

Most things that come into contact with the blast will melt, including most metals.

If needs be the gun opens to fire a pulse of sun matter, which can take out a small army (read a few hundred)

The original was not very well thought up, so i decided to 'Mod' it, using these various fine materials.

  • Some nice upholstery leather
  • Some fancy wood veneer
  • Some lenses
  • A variety of small cogs
  • A few new nozzle sections

Obviously if you want to recreate this, you will have to use a bit of common sense to merge this Instructable with the Original Handgun.

Step 1: Reworking the opening section.

I decided on a slightly different mechanism for it to open, give an optional 'sun blast' mode.

Firstly i removed all the the section where the 'vial was before' (see first picture)

Next i replaced this with various parts to give more of an 'internal barrel' feel, it took a bit of playing around, and these items were held in places using both epoxy resin and superglue.

Next to work on the top. The bottom hinge would open just as before, but the top needed to open upward. First i had to file the gap to allow for a more heavy duty bolt, this through the back hole then made my hinge. The original magnets hold it closed perfectly.

I then used an old motor from a CD drive on one side, an old clock provided me with some small plastic cogs. These were all glued in place using epoxy resin.

Finally, an old perf wheel from work fitted perfectly as the barrel.
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This thing is epic! I am thinking of making something like this myself. I'm lucky because I have these hinges on my cupboards so I have extras.

nemo132 years ago
Thanks for the inspiration:
Will it melt captain America's sheild?
ZachFejes3 years ago
gmjhowe, I think this is brilliant!

Just a thought in case you make a future model (or in case I decide to do something similar for that matter :P ).
For the sun, it should be possible to get one or two little screens (from an old cellphone store) and put in a rechargeable battery to run a video of a living star. The gun would suddenly look even more believable, and if you were to pull it out to show someone, they would do the biggest double take in history!

Either way, amazing, amazing project!
Kimbly1073 years ago
What kind of hinge did you use? Ive been trying to find one my self, they're so cool?
Benson15 years ago
I like it, but something about the handle looks blocky to me.  Isit just my imagination or is that thing kind of awkward to hold?

Other then that I really like it, good show!
j3tripp Benson14 years ago
I am the owner of this gun now I bought it. and to be honest I like the feel of the handle. It fits comfortably in my hand. I feel like Captain Melcom from firefly when I pull it out of my holster
gmjhowe (author)  Benson15 years ago
 I agree, at first the handle felt ok, but over time I realised it was not quite the right angle, something that I have taken to fixing with more recent projects!

Thanks for the comment.
Benson1 gmjhowe5 years ago
Well that's a shame, at least it looks incredibly awesome.  I hope to see your improvements at some future date.
gmjhowe (author)  Benson15 years ago
 I sold this model a few months ago now. I am planning new props.
kellykell5 years ago
can i buy one from you
gmjhowe (author)  kellykell5 years ago
Sure, how much were you looking to spend?
ill pay between $20-$14
Your comment is a slap to the face...
gmjhowe (author)  kellykell5 years ago
I sold this exact model for £160 thats $254 of your USD. For $20 dollars, your best looking at some of the mass produced steampunk stuff, Nemisis Now do some very affordable models!
If you had a lot of money and wanted to add that extra touch, it would be awesome to put a small screen in there that played a video of the sun so it looked like a star was really churning. Just an idea...
adamc905 years ago
this looks just amazing you really could picture it ina film
TheMaker8885 years ago
 Hello Gmjhowe its me TheMaker888 form youtube and i must thank you for suggesting this sight to me and i hope to make some of my own Steampunk
guns and Goggles soon..
Btw where do you get your Materials ?
like Brass and Mechanical parts?
gmjhowe (author)  TheMaker8885 years ago
 second hand stores, and diy stores are the best!
TheMaker8885 years ago
 Hey i noticed you used a CD motor... you know what you could have done, is you could have made it Spin and then when you pull the trigger the ammo falls on top of the Spinning Spindle and is flung from the Gun, or if you had two then one on top and one on bottom, or Right side and Left side, them when the trigger is pulled the two spindles pinch the ammo
( a spear like projectile ) 
gets thrown from the Gun...
have you ever seen a Hot wheels track?
you know those Track Boosters?
well this is Generally the same Basic Idea
*Fling one Object from One Point to another*
Let Me Know If You Are Interested...
Then I Will Draw A Digram For You Ok ?
u should make some more and sell them on ebay ide buy it
fireman1155 years ago
I Love V for Vendetta Love the gun too nice job
gmjhowe (author)  fireman1155 years ago
red-king5 years ago
 very nice!
tjk945 years ago
I love the fact that you not only create awesome weapons but you think up how they work and you add moving parts! Subscribed!
gmjhowe (author)  tjk945 years ago
Thanks, all it takes is a little idea, and a few moving bits, and it makes the prop more realistic.
tjk94 tjk945 years ago
Opps! I wanted to say faved!
Gun Fun6 years ago
Wait so this actually fires?
gmjhowe (author)  Gun Fun6 years ago
what does it fire?
concentrated awesome
al95956 years ago
wat does this thing shoot?
um nothing. Its like a model. But interactive, in a way. THAT"S WHY ITS FUN!
O WAIT! i hadn't really looked. It really fires? COOL! different from your other projects!
bolts of pure imagination! but seriously, nice build, interesting shape and well excecuted, should definatly think about designing a similar rifle
gmjhowe (author)  RobswattonVFX6 years ago
galenorama6 years ago
Where did you get the leather? I need some for my gun, but I can't find any!. Heh, just sneak down to dad's jacket in the middle of the night...
Try a Micheals or equivilant craft store (even Wal-Mart) they have little 1' squares, or bags of scrap pieces that you might like.
Awesome, Thanks!
Another good source for leather (especially if you want some that looks older) is the goodwill store. You should be able to find some old leather things (jackets, boots, gloves, whatever!) for less than 10$-a-yard. Of course, they're in the shape of the things from which they came, but it's a good source nonetheless.
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