The Super Top Secret Bunker Project Video





Introduction: The Super Top Secret Bunker Project Video

OK Seriously no photos without my hat unless you write for Nip Tuck and this is the firstest ever video I have made so the editing isn't much the shots of the main floor are blurred to Make my wife happy since the Internet is evil and this was filmed with a Hacked DXG-506V meaning I soldered and pigtail with a female minijack so I could use an external microphone.

I'm just Winging it here so if you can think of a way to interest one of those Reality Shows that are so common these day's please let me know.

This Video has been brought to you by the Number Nine and the Letter J.

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wow mike great idea i hope you get to finish it take a look at it has a ton of parts available

Number nine and letter J? That's funny, my friend used to pull my ear to mess with me (it hurt too) and say, sounds like... Anyway, way cool man!!!

I'm about to get back to it. I started a biz for Ebayers mostly hopefully it will end up a big geek group and half the gadgets like the remote cameras and a server I want to put down there. I've already got conduit run out into the yard so I can sit down there and film hurricanes lol

How are you these days?

My Back fused in six months instead of twelve a record says the doc.... I've always got something hurting but considering all the mishaps I've been in I'm lucky that's all it is. Sitting kills me but I just moved 3000 pounds of concrete 80 pounds at a time to fix a drainage problem along the lot lines between my neighbors and me. I've got 7000 square feet of roof and half the yard is concrete driveway so my wife can drive her cair everywhere including the pool and I intentionally made the drive self cleaning in heavy rains by channeling it down the middle but had a sharp turn that was jumping the birm so we added him a drain made a dam across the lot line and I made a bank to shoot the water to my two drains and in a real storm any over flow from gets sent down the center of the drive head out back away from the fence and the dams are about 8 inches higher than my drive. I even use the water to clean the dog pen then it settles in a small but wide retention pond where the grass grows really well lol.

I'm totally impressed with the attention to detail and forethought this shows.

A lot of the time I spent building the house itself didn't require my full concentration so I tend to mentally build two or three other things while I am actually working on a task. I've got a pretty swank design in mind for a "real" bunker with fake windows covering flat screens that I could tie into a computer system and program it using webcams from around the world to simulate living in different parts of the globe. Ever since I was a child I imagined someday having a house on the moon and to me without an atmosphere for radiation shielding the natural thing to do would be do build underground. I had thought of long "valleys" in line with the sun sealed with airlocks to grow many stories of plant life in and use that space to filter stale air. The living areas would be located on either side of these valleys so you could essentially have windows to let some of the filtered sunlight in and provide a view to mother nature. I have a tree farm near here with a huge hill facing west that I have always wanted to build a test habitat into. I was thinking remote controlled smart dozers could be sent to the moon ahead of the humans to begin construction of this, with a few of the valleys connecting the ones lined up with the sun perpendicular to each other and so generally in the dark which would make for a natural refrigeration system. If we could set up some high pressure pumps at the north or south poles of earth, where it is generally cold in the first place, you'd only need to loose 40 or 50 degrees to turn CO2 into a solid, then magsled them so they crash land in the dark valleys for stock piling, then use this CO2 to start the plant life cycle, and pull the O2 generated from the plants to supplement the atmosphere in the living quarters. I doubt there is enough gravity on the moon to really terraform it into having an actual atmosphere but the exposure to natural light and green living things would make life much more bearable than say spending your life sealed in a submarine and just having a few portals to look outside from. This is the short version of course but to get the CO2 to ride a magsled I was thinking it could be packaged into containers of steel that could be readily recycled into building material and with unmanned launches you could really push the Gees... I don't know for sure but it seems to me that Dry Ice would be much more efficiently produced in an area that is already naturally at a very low temp than nearer to the equator and there would be less likelihood of a catastrophe if a launch failed in a desolate spot than having it near a populated area.

That's exactly what I mean by attention to detail and forethought. If you write a book, I will buy a copy for everyone I know, just to get them thinking in a new direction. We would be 'living in the future' already if we weren't senselessly wasting resources on things that don't move us forward, and only drag us back. Is there a way to 'subscribe' to a given member's contributions?

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Simpson's Joke...

When I lived through the wreck and learned to walk and talk and such things again I told myself I'd have a good book if I could finish the house.

After we moved in I realized I was really really tired and that project got stuck on the back burner LOL.

I just finished up a modification to my sand pumping device and made a video but it takes me forever to edit the things.

It is basically a 13 foot long primable check valve that lets me pull a slurry of sand and water from the bottom of the test shaft and pump it out into the yard and is an incredible time saver considering originally everything went in and out a 3 by 4 foot opening.

Here's a vid of the sand being pumped out during the prototype stage...

You know, if you're going to go to this much trouble you should at least pump the sand through a sluice to recover precious metals too. Might help you pay for the overall project.