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Introduction: How to Fill a White Page

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    the tub you are using is NOT aluminum. It is mylar and here in the States it is used as ven hose. While it is reistant to heat, it can burn as is evidenced in your photographs.
    But as you stated this is a survival set up.

    Mylar is the plastic substrate. It's a trademark of DuPont and it refers to PET sheeting. Generically it refers to plastic sheeting.
    For some reason we decided about a decade ago to stop calling this "Aluminumized Mylar" and started just calling it "Mylar", but when you coat Mylar with a very thin layer of aluminum, it has all sorts of special properties that plain old Mylar does not.
    One of those is that it's incredibly reflective of heat. So much so that it might withstand a small fire for a while.

    I'll complain to those who fabricated it and called it like that!
    Don't worry about the stove. It wasn't damaged at all after a few uses, so in a survival situation this would be enough.
    You can use a flexible - and a bit heavier - alu pipe also.

    lol. as long as it works- that is what is really important. What part of the UK are you in?

    The Flemish part! ;-)


    You must be kidding, no?
    Asking a Fleming if he's maybe Walloon is like asking a Scot if he's English.
    Or being a fan of the Red Sox in a crowd of Yankees. ;-)

    Sorry about that one. I figured out my mistake well after I replied to your post. I said to myself, "Self, you really goofed on that one."

    Don't worry mate! I can understand our situation is difficult to understand - even in Belgium a lot of people don't get the picture ;-)

    I really got a kick out of your baseball analogy. It was a good one. Where did you learn English? You sound as if you maybe picked it up here.