Introduction: The T-4 Bolt Action Sniper Pistol

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This is a tutorial for making a lego sniper bolt action pistol. It shoots far and is very accurate. I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Base

Picture of Base

Take a large gray hexagon piece. Then take a 2x-2x a 2x-6x and 4 2x-2x. Put them in the position shown.

Step 2: Stretch

Picture of Stretch

Take a long thin rubber band and cut it. Put a 10x-1x with holes across the hexagon on the fourth peg. Then put the rubber band through the end holes like a crossbow. Then make put down a 1x-2x on the peg 2 from the back. Stretch the rubber band back behind it. Then put a flat 4x-4x on it. To stabilize, put to 1x's in the corners.

Step 3: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

Flip the rubber band around the top of the 10x-1x. Put the 2 sides between the second and third peg. put down a 2x-1x to keep it there. In between the 2 put 2 1x's. Then put another 10x-1x on top. The gun is finished.

Step 4: Ammo/Shooting

The ammo is small paper clips. Fire by slipping the paper clip into the rubber band, pulling it back, and letting go.


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