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It's the 'T' Puzzle! Make a tiny 'T' Puzzle for your purse, pocket etc. Or you can make a larger one for the home! The 'T' Puzzle is just a big T with diagonal cuts in it.

You will need:
Clay (I use Sculpy)
Wax Paper
Rolling pin (Meddle wotterbottle or other round, heavy objects will work fine)
Baking Oven

Step 1: Forming the "T"

Picture of Forming the
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Cut T.jpg
Sandwich a piece of clay (you can really do any size you want) between two pieces of wax paper. (This is to protect any surfaces from getting stained)  Roll out the clay so that it is in a rectangular shape about 1/4 of an inch thick.

Cut out a 'T' shape from the rectangular clay.
carlpogi_114 years ago
this puzzle is cool and its so easy to made tnks for this