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Hello Hello ladies and gentlemen. For I'm first instructable I wanted to post this cheep and safe alternative to the common tea light candle. This simple and cost effective design makes it easy to create ten little lights for just a few dollars. The name "T-light" is derived from "Technomancer's light" my little nod to the nerdy side. (please note I am relatively new at this so I'll try my best any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated. Please be gentle.)

Step 1: The Materials

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The materials you will need are:
-5mm LEDs (I went for high brightness white LEDs but diffrent colors would be neat as well.) should set you back about $2-3 for a pack of 100.

-3 volt cr2032 coin cell batteries. I bought mine for around $3 for a pack of 10 on ebay.

-Micro slide switches. Once again around $2 on ebay

-And finaly cr2032 battery holders. For just a few dollars.

Step 2: Tools Required

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The tools you will need include:

-A pair of wire snips.

-A soldering iron.

-And solder (naturaly).

Step 3: Attaching the Switch.

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The easiest part to add is first the switch. Attach the positive termanal of the battery holder, which is the part making contact with the smooth side of the battery marked with a "+", to the center pin of the slide switch. This is best done with no battery in the clip to prevent any damage to the battery.

Step 4: Attach the LED.

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Bend the LED flat with the leads apart. Take note of the shorter cathode lead and join it to the remaining contact on the battery clip. This is best done with the LED in the center of the assembly.

Step 5: Completing the Circuit.

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Join the longer anode pin of the LED to the closes pin on the switch.

Step 6: Adding the Battery and Cleaning Up.

Picture of Adding the Battery and Cleaning Up.

To finish the design clip off the remaining material on the LED's leads and add the battery. Be sure to insert the battery with the correct polarity.

Step 7: And Your Done

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Replicate the several times to make a whole batch of throwie-sque tea lights. Perfect for black outs or any time you need a quick little light. you can make them even more versatile by adding a magnet to the bottom to attach them to magnetic surfaces or try diffrent color LEDs for diffrent lighting effects. If anyone can think of other ways to improve this please post a comment~


simpletronic (author)2015-09-04

Nice instructable! Try adding a resistor ( 100 ohm - 470 ohm ) in series to limit the current. Led will not be as bright but battery will last much longer. It will also protect the LED from damage.

eGadgetGuy (author)simpletronic2015-10-05

good tip. where's the {+1} button?

cainvsc (author)simpletronic2015-09-04

Thank you for your replie. I'll be sure to implement that in my next project~

mazzic518 made it! (author)2015-09-24

This is great. T/y for the idea!

geekrex (author)2015-09-11

Very Good Project
Easy to build and also cheap :)
Try diffusing leds will make more light

cainvsc (author)geekrex2015-09-20

That sounds neat. how would I do that?

geekrex (author)cainvsc2015-09-20

Use 240 silicon carbide paper to rub the surface

Zevion (author)2015-09-05

I would vote for you when you enter conest, i did win few things won three awards, one was grand prize with ipad air, garden tools, for save the bees award, with mason jar beehive. With lenghty despriction. Even taught about bitter almond extracted bee out, and place to another hive. Other prize was the mini fireplace that makes electricity using thermo electric exchange, charging the phone, got 200 buck worth squarish back pack, got one of the norclo led light with newer solar on top with usb port and lamp. Gift certiface to some online shop, ordering parts that you can buy at hareware store and got to order copper pipe 1/4" osd. And an flexible 18 volt solar panel in with of 20 inch and 30 inch, fold roll type. Come with cigarette adapter, the outside part. Other sold separately is the jump cable alligator clip possibly small enough for mini moped battery? The daisy chain to hook up more solar panel. And some controller for battery. Invest in super capacitor batteries. And have an ups box also made with trickle charge, super capictors for back up. Off the grid baby, power company to buy my power, an big paycheck to keep me going.

cainvsc (author)Zevion2015-09-05

That all sounds rewarding. is there a way to re - submit an ible as a contest entry?

rwilliams8 (author)2015-09-04

cainvsc- Does the battery holder have a significant resistance in this circuit? Generally, you want a resistor in series with the LED to prevent burning out the LED.

cainvsc (author)rwilliams82015-09-04

The battery clip has a very miniscule resistance if any.

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