Hello everybody, i made a new gun out of KNEX and i wanted to show you guys
butta how you like it, lets watch it!

PS : if u want me to post say it quick please.
PPS : TYVM Seleziona for the trigger mech.
please post it!<br>
Btw, ur close to done ur P90 ^^?
nope, broke it ages ago. im scrapping my ball machine to make a g11
Make up your mind,<br><br>P90, then BM now G11
g11 noob.
I said g11. Are you blind you kid that plays cod on the wii?
hahaha cod on the wii sucks balls!
hahaha np...
U said ur gonna re-make it :( ? :(:(:(
i did but it was an epik phale. i think the g11 is goin to be better because i have a concept in my head on how it will work, and its an easy gun to replicate.
Ok, Gl and HF im going to eat PIZZZAAA now!
lol, im gettin pizzzzzza tooo!!!!!!!!! =D LOL
loool, what kinda PIZZZAAA!?
lol! vegetarian.
Haha thanks.
no prob
Meh. Can you please stop linking me to your guns? I can find them on my own thank you very much.
..., only send you 1 link im a bit proud of it can i?
Nice, and as you can tell Dj is a bit erritable, because he thinks his stuff is better than everyone elses, 5 stars by the way.
Yeah.. ty :)
You've done a really good job, for me building any kind of knex gun from scratch is a challenge. Dj's stuff isn't that good anyway, your photos are in very nice quality too...
Dude this is awesome!<br><br>I think you should post.
You want me 2 post? :)<br><br>Thx btw :)
I think you should do it, looks awesome!<br><br>No problem :-)
I want a bit more views and i post ok ?
Alright, sure.
TY :)
Yes! It looks very good! What does it shoot?
It shoots grey connectors with a little green rod.
Oh, okay :D
Looks great
Tyvm :)
No problemo
Pretty nice
Tyvm :-)

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