Step 4: Casing the PC

As a conventional PC case would be far too thick, I needed to find something I could mount the machine in so that it would fit within the frame. Luckily a folding wallpaper pasting table was perfect for the job - and also on sale!

After cutting the pasting table to be the same size as the bottom panel of the frame,  I set about fitting the PC into it. As the pc was going to be dropped inside the wall, all the fans had holes cut into the lid so that air could still circulate. I also fitted a large wireless aerial and made sure all the connections ran up to what would be the top edge of the case.
sure would be nice to get a higher res pic of this setup. Would also love to see more instructables about this &quot;flattening&quot; aspect of pc building. I have some parts i would like to &quot;flatten&quot; for an enclosure that will hang just under a 42&quot; LED (custom wall mount in progress, will hopefully get an instructable done properly this time). Maybe it would be easier to just hack my wifes old laptop... she doesn't use it anymore... but i want hdmi.<br> Either way i just want to be able to have everything (but speakers of course) neatly tucked up in the top corner of the room (electric,cat5,and coax will run to outlets behind tv/htpc)
Hi StCanna - Did you ever flatten your pc? I actually used some laptop parts too but if you've got an old one I would have thought that would be a great start. Having said that, you could probably just get a Raspberry Pi now and it would give you HDMI too.
man this is perfect timing/syncronisity as I am currently looking to greatly reduce power consumption and was looking at mini-itx. The raspberry board looks ideal from my purposes.
Nice one!!!, i cant see it but the tv frane is fitted on the wall right?? <br> <br>I'll convince my wife that this is exactly wath we need and make one myself. <br> <br> <br>
Yes it is - The frame was a tight fit anyway so I literally just used two long screws at the top of the frame in to the wall using masonry Rawl plugs. All the weight is resting on the floor so they are just to stop it from moving.
Why not use the TV as the computer monitor?
Hi Henryjw - I did in the end. I put a dual head graphics card in the pc so we can use the tv too. Just add vlc remote and its all go to go!
Very nice, this would be great for a bedroom too.
Hi Oakback - It is! Works really well for movies in bed.

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