Introduction: The Table Saw Chess Set

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in this instructable i am going to make the dark side of my chess set.

i the only tools you wil need is a table saw (and a cross cut sled)

this prodject is great for biginers how want to gain confidens with the tablesaw

Step 1: Resaw the Wood

Picture of Resaw the Wood

i used a reclaimed 2x4 for this prodject,
and after making sure that thare ware no more nails in the wood . I used my tablesaw to make rectangulair pieces.
than i used it to make them the right hight.

Step 2: The Pawns

Picture of The Pawns

to make the pawns i made a shalow cut on all 4. sides with my table saw

Step 3: The Knights

Picture of The Knights

i made a big part of the horses on the table saw . and i put the detail in with the dremmel tool

Step 4: The Rook

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i made the rooks with the table saw. i advise using a croscut sled with a stop block. but becouse i don't have one i used some totaly dangerous way to do this.

Step 5: The Bishop , Queen and King

Picture of The Bishop , Queen and King

the bishop
to make the bishop i put the blade at 45° and made a cut on top half way thrue .

the queen and king
these pieces are a combinations of the pawns and the rooks [see the picture]

Step 6: Staining

Picture of Staining

this is the dark side of my chess set so to make it dark i used furniture stain that i had laying around.

Step 7: The Foot

Picture of The Foot

i decided that the pieces looked to mutch alike so i sawed some squars of the same langth and with as the chess pieces . than i gleud the squars to the knights, rooks, bishops ,queen and the king. so that al the pieces in the back ware biger than the pawn's


ClenseYourPallet (author)2015-12-26

Simple and awesome! Thanks for sharing

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