Step 3: Using the Breathalyzer USB Tethered to a PC (PC Mode)

Step 4 describes how to switch the Breathalyzer to PC mode which involves downloading a new Arduino firmware to the Breathalyzer and then USB connect the Breathalyzer to your PC. In PC mode, the Talking Breathalyzer includes additional features:
  • Animated Readouts of Breathalyzer Results with 4 Characters (Spooky, New York Cabbie, Old English, and Pirate), See the Characters here
  • Tweeting of Breathalyzer Results (optional and turned off by default)
  • Weather and Stock Readouts
  • Photobooth Feature
  • Customizable Breathalyzer Audio Responses with Text to Speech or User Supplied MP3s
Video of the Talking Breathalyzer in PC Mode: