So I wanted a fun holiday project that was fun to knit, transportable and had no functional purpose whatsoever. I found this graph for a knitted tardis at http://www.entropyhouse.com/penwiper/who/knittardis.html .Being a long time Dr Who freak this was totally what I was after. I knitted it out of 8ply wool crepe yarn in a policebox blue I had in my stash and some navy of the same yarn that was left over from a Ravenclaw scarf. The needles used were size 3 metric - this is usually too small for a heavier crepe but I wanted a very tight fabric as it was going to be stuffed. I had to use an intarsia technique in order to keep the design from pulling in on itself, but for the white yarn of the windows I carried over at the back of each stitch as it was going to get tedious otherwise. Once sewn together and stuffed it came out kinda "fat". Like a Slitheen disguised as a tardis. I was going to add cardboard panels to make it look a bit more tardis shaped but my kids thought it was funny so here it is.....

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