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Introduction: The Tardis - Knitted

So I wanted a fun holiday project that was fun to knit, transportable and had no functional purpose whatsoever. I found this graph for a knitted tardis at .Being a long time Dr Who freak this was totally what I was after. I knitted it out of 8ply wool crepe yarn in a policebox blue I had in my stash and some navy of the same yarn that was left over from a Ravenclaw scarf. The needles used were size 3 metric - this is usually too small for a heavier crepe but I wanted a very tight fabric as it was going to be stuffed. I had to use an intarsia technique in order to keep the design from pulling in on itself, but for the white yarn of the windows I carried over at the back of each stitch as it was going to get tedious otherwise. Once sewn together and stuffed it came out kinda "fat". Like a Slitheen disguised as a tardis. I was going to add cardboard panels to make it look a bit more tardis shaped but my kids thought it was funny so here it is.....



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    Looks great! I just wished you gave instructions so we all at the instructable world could make it too

    BEAUTIFUL. The thing is, it's a perfect bday present for my brother, but I'm rubbish at knitting anything that's actually supposed to look like anything, as I'm fairly new to knitting. Do you think that you could make/ ask a friend to make an instructional video for this pattern? Even posting pictures of the process would help me immensely. Thanks

    looks like it got a bit TOO big on the inside.

    One of these is in my to do list for my Dr Who loving daughter. She already has a Tom Baker scarf that she wears everywhere and a knitted dalek that she takes to bed. I've been looking for a K9 to knit, but I think I may have to make the pattern up myself as I haven't found one yet.

    You should try to knit the fourth doctor's scarf, that's one of my summer projects :)

    I have a question about the stitch you used- the pattern itself says to "knit the number of each piece indicated on the chart"- does that mean use only knit stitches? I want to make certain before I start this pattern, because I've been wanting a plush TARDIS like this for ages, and I don't want to make it too super-stretchy, as most of the purely knit stitched things I've made are.

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    I used stocking stitch (row of knit, row of purl) for all the pieces, as it gave it a nice flat look. Using one size smaller needles than the yarn requires helps give a denser fabric, which is good if you are stuffing something, and makes it less stretchy. Hope this helps - bridget :)

    Oh it did, definitely. :) I'm currently working on a patchwork blanket in that same style, so it should be pretty easy for me. Thanks for the quick reply!

    It's a black t-shirt with the TARDIS painted on. I made a stencil with masking tape, so it's not totally accurate, but hey, it's the thought that counts.

    Aaahh! Kitewife just asked me to print out the pattern, but the page has been removed!! Can you post a copy of it here?? Please??

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    Very late - I contacted the original knitter and they kindly sorted me out.

    Then they sent me a copy of the pattern... ;-D

    Hi do you happen to still have the tardis pattern? I have the dalek one and would like the tardis to go with it if possible. I also have pattern for dalek socks.