Step 5: Congratulate yourself on such a pimp hat (and explanation of why I made this)

I made this because it was funny, and for a semi-practical reason. The camp where i work requires that you wear a hat at all times when serving food in the serving line, and so this is simply a way of expressing myself when doing so. I acquired the hat about two years ago as a joke, after I built a potato cannon. The fish was given to me because the person that had it didn't have any idea what to do with it (as he had been given it also). I may post another instructable at some point on modifying the fish(IE, replacing the eyes with L.E.D.S, or putting an Ipod speaker in it. P.S: I know you are all tired of hearing this, but this is my first instructable, please constructive criticism only.
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A big flood light pointing out of the mouth would be amazing!
pleabargain5 years ago
Rock on! Where are you serving? I'd be happy to eat fish sticks at your chow line!