Step By Step Plans To Building A 250,000 Volt Tesla Coil

Picture of Step By Step Plans To Building A 250,000 Volt Tesla Coil
The Tesla Coil is a Air Core Resonant Transformer consisting of a primary coil and a secondary coil. The primary coil is the part of the device that resonates or vibrates which when vibrating gives of a very strong magnetic field that causes induction in the secondary coil. the magnetic field is caused by first the power from the 120 volt wall outlet is converted into 6500 volts by the transformer then the power flows into the capacitor where it gets amplified then moves along to the spark gap the spark gap acts like a switch without the spark gap the coil will not function it will just burn up your transformer next the power goes to the primary coil and causes induction in the secondary coil thus causes lighting or arcs to be transmitted out of the toroid or topload.
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Step 1: Parts That You Will Need

Picture of Parts That You Will Need
The parts you will need to build a tesla coil:

1. 6500 volt 23 milli amp transformer found at

2. 10,000 volt capacitor found at

3. Spark Gap found at

4. PVC Pipe 5-6 inches wide 3 feet long Found At The Home Depot

5. Copper tubing (refrigerator tubing) 1/4th inch diamiter 30 feet found at The Home Depot

6. Toriod Found at

7. # 24-26 enamaled magnet wire or just magnet wire found at

Step 2: List of Websites that will help you out with this project

Other sites to look at for Tesla Coiling information or parts:
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Void Schism5 years ago
candidate for a circuit diagram maybe?

If you don't know about Tesla Coils - they do have a general and precise

schematic, you shouldn't be playing with high potential electricity fool!!

Wow, 5 years ago. I know they do now Rene, but back then I knew less and was interested in how they work. I would not try building something like this without knowing enough to do it safely.

As for the "fool" part, I'm guessing that is a joke or you are trolling, either way; heh heh heh <slow clap>

second that.
third that
fourth that xD
fifth that xD xD
sixth that
I guess ill seventh that
This means I have to eighth that.
Yeah, he should add one.
azvampyre7 months ago

How do you figure 250,000 Volts? You use a single 6500v Transformer and a single 10,000v capacitor. The transformer will charge the capacitors to 6500v and I don't see any multipliers, so this is a 6500 volt coil, 10KV max.

I have a Northrup Grumman 100KV transformer with 125KV capacitors which cost $8,000.00 and it only produces 100,000 volts, so.... this title s wrong.

yeah thats 250000 volts at 23 milli watts

Anaweir1 year ago
seen these, just make sure that you are not wearing anything metal
are u using a mot?
aweis3 years ago
i see from the picture that one of the rings in the primary coil is way to close to the other one, makeing it dangerous, and i do not even see th toroid in this picture, it seems more like an advertisement for that website he claims to get the stuff from.
does this tesla coil actually work , im doing this for a science project and i dont want it to explode in my face
well iven if you had a tesla coil that did work, it would be exeedingly dangerous, you would have to make shure that none of the teachers have pacemakers, since the electricity, that will flow through the air will effect that. as well as giant warning labels that say do not touch!!!!! i would actually not reccomend this as a science project, because of how dangerous it is, but if you do make shure anyone around it or goes near it is well informed of the dangers
I know that it has been a while since this was posted, and quite a while since I last visited this page, however, I feel the need to point out that this Tesla Coil does not work and following these plans is dangerous. The author claims that he has achieved sparks that were a few inches in length. Unfortunately, given his apparent understanding of his device and given how poorly it was constructed, even these mediocre results seem somewhat far-fetched. At the moment, I am trying to communicate with an admin to have this instructable temporarily removed until it is made to be up to par with the community standards of this website. Posting dangerous instructions about topics which one does not completely understand not only does you disservice by slandering your name, but it also puts the entire community at risk. Attaching warnings such as "IT WILL KILL YOU INSTANTLY THERE IS NO SECOND CHANCE!!!" does not help.
knoxarama4 years ago
does the secondary coil have multiple layers of wire, or is it just one all the way through?
just one layer itsz hard as heck to do
It's not that hard but it takes a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time to do.
Please elaborate on the type of capacitor. Perhaps SKU of item on Amazing1.
puffyfluff6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
No fair. I feel sorry for you; nobody deserves to work on something for so long, then get it ripped out of their hands. How much longer until you can get your instructable on the Tesla Coil up? I mean, this guy's isn't up to par.
(removed by author or community request)
(removed by author or community request)
(removed by author or community request)
I imagine you've heard of lifters - once thought of as antigravity devices, they actually work off of what's known as "Ion winds". The lifters are super-light and consist of some metal foil attached to a wire and a different wire above said foil. The foil goes all the way around the lifter so that efficiency is maximized.
Here's a link.

Now, most of their claims are bogus. They're not antigravity, but, as I was saying, the foil is below the thin wire, and they are positioned so that ions travel uniformly on all sides of the wire to the foil. This is made to happen by a 15-100kV DC current running through the small wire and moving down to the foil. The passing of the electricity causes ions to form from the air, which push downward, propelling the mass of the lifter up.

Anyways, my main comment was that the plan to build a Jacob's Ladder AFTER building a Tesla Coil is ridiculous. Everybody knows that the first thing you build when you get a NST (Neon Sign Transformer) IS a Jacob's Ladder..
In your link it says "provides thrust without expelling mass," I don't think so.
(removed by author or community request)
Tesla Coiler (author)  puffyfluff6 years ago
May be be can put our heads together on this problem so that this would be a more efficient plan and Instructable. My Email Address is
I'd be glad to.
ranzau5 years ago
Hey just one thing never put the Secondary Coils wire inside the pipe even the ends of it. It can burn out the coil.
Samuel H5 years ago
I wasn't planning on that much money, thanks anyway!
Tesla Coiler (author)  Samuel H5 years ago
Please join the Nikola Tesla Memorial Society. At
This Memorial is designed and ran by me.
Samuel H5 years ago
how much did all of the supplies cost
Tesla Coiler (author)  Samuel H5 years ago
this coil in general cost me 200 dollars USD Do you want a list of the parts with thier prices? if you do email me at
just a question, what are tesla coils used for and what can they do?
tesla coils were originally built by nikola tesla as a way to experiment with wireless power transmission (sending electricity without wires) but unfortunately the government went to war before tesla could finish his experiments and his funding ceased. although tesla did successfully transfer electricity wirelessly, today, tesla coils have no true practicality other than electrical companies experimenting with lightning or for an interesting hobby experiment
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