Picture of The Texas Stack
If you've ever woken up extremely hungry, and needed to eat something more than a slice of toast, you'll probably go for the bacon. But bacon alone, although extremely satisfying, still leaves something more to be desired (hear me out). what you really need is the Texas Stack.
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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
2 slices of thick cut bacon (cut in half)
2 Eggs
2 pieces of bread (per stack, not pictured)
Instant Gravy mix of your choice
1 slice of processed cheese (because it melts faster and with less heat than normal cheese. Can substitute with a slice or two of real cheese.)
Spatula, not pictured

Step 2: Cooking the bacon and making the toast

Picture of Cooking the bacon and making the toast
Not much explanation is needed here, simply warm a pan, and throw in the bacon. Make sure you put the toast in around the same time you put the bacon in, or else it won't be ready. Also, you'll have to cook the toast a little longer than usual, so that it will hold up to the weight of the stack, and won't become soggy.

If you have a splatter screen, I'd advise you to use one. When the bacon is done cooking, lay in on a few paper towels to absorb the grease, but DO NOT drain the pan of the grease. We'll use that to fry the eggs in and make the gravy.

When the toast is finished, leave it in the toaster to cool a little, if you making more than one stack, lean the toast against the side of the toaster, so that the air can get to all sides of the toast, and condensation won't make the toast soggy.
verence4 years ago
That sounds (and looks) awfully delicious (though me cardiologist [if I had one] would disagree). I'm getting hungry but it is definitely not the time for that.... yet...
But, please for a European reader, what is that 'gravy' thing? Looks like a kind of white sauce. Can you please give some kind of explanation, how would you prepare it if you wouldn't buy it ready-made, what are the ingredients?

Adding some canned (or fresh) white mushrooms might be nice, like a toast 'escalope chasseur' style. (Schnitzel with mushroom sauce)

Damn. I'm hungry now... Shouldn't read Instructable's feed around midnight...
verence verence4 years ago
Oops, sorry, didn't get it on the first read:

With the bacon grease still in the pan, now with all the extra goodies [fat ;-) ]from the eggs, pour any liquid mixture your gravy requires, along ...

So, I take the liberty to guess that the 'powder ' is some kind of starch/flour mix plus some seasoning (let me guess: salt, black pepper, MSG). [Still, an exact list of the ingredients would be nice] And I'm still hungry....

Stormed Wolf (author)  verence4 years ago
The powder is actually Tony Chachere's Creole White Gravy Mix (you can buy it at most grocery stores), and the ingredients are flour, chicken bouillon, and silicon dioxide to prevent clumping and caking