Everyone, from artists to hobbyists, needs a place to think and to work. In my room design, I decided to incorporate both of these ideas, creating a space that serves as both a workshop and a quiet refuge for thinking and planning. 

The image is a rough plan that I drew. It is not to scale, but has a simple view of how furniture will be laid out in the room.

Step 1: Brainstorming

I knew that if this room was going to fulfill its two main functions, it would need a space for thinking, and a space for working. 

I further fleshed out the concept by making two lists: 

Thinking Space
-An area for reading
-Relaxing lighting 
-Comfortable furniture
-Shelves for books, inspirational things, etc. 
-Desks for drawing, writing, etc. 
-More aesthetic than functional

Working Space
-Storage for tools, components, etc.
-Outlets for soldering iron, lights
-Sturdy lighting that can fully illuminate work area 
-Any safety supplies (fire extinguisher, gloves) 
-More functional than aesthetic

P.S. I figured my handwriting might be a little illegible, so I added picture captions.

this is awesome! you deserve to win BG42!!! if i could vote more than once i would. (*_*)
I'm glad you think so. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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