Okay, so by popular demand, I'm posting this gun, aptly named, The Tick. This k'nex gun is the smallest true-trigger, mag-fed k'nex gun on the site. If you can build a smaller one, well, wow. (I'm not counting taking the "handle" off of mine) So, without further interuption, I present, The Tick.

P.S - Just follow the numbered pics (even tho u could just build it from the intro pic lol)


  • Size: N/A
  • Range: ~ 15 Ft.
  • Accuracy: Inconsistent
  • Pc. Count: Extremely Low
  • Mag Size: 3 (w/ pre-load)

Step 1: Sides

This step shows how to make the sides of the gun, which make up the mag, barrel, and basicly the whole frame.

1. Build This

Step 2: Topish Part

This step shows how to build the top of the barrel-mag-frame. (a.k.a the toppish part)

1. Put these on there.

2. Add This.

Step 3: Handle

This is the handle. Does it even need a step? No, but I put it in here anyway. So do it.

1. It puts the handle on its frame!

Step 4: Trigger

This step shows the trigger, which is... the, well... the trigger.

1. Build it. BUILD IT!

2. Put it on there.

Step 5: Ram N' Pusher

These are the ram and mag pusher pics.

1. Ram, build it.

2. Mag pusher, dont build this. (its one peice)

Step 6: Bands

This is where the rubber bands go. Go ahead, put 'em on there, dont be shy.

1. Trigger and ram bands, load 'em on, it needs to be fairly tight.

2. Mag band. Put it on once you load. (see next step, "Loading")

Step 7: Loading

Loading and Firing are simple, just follow these easy steps, and you'll be loading like a pro.

1. Loding, the bullets go in here. (put in two)

2. Firing, pull back the ram until the bullet slides into place, and then just pull the trigger to fire. (Be gentle, the trigger can easily come off)

Step 8: Finished!

Wow, I can't believe I fit 8 steps into such a tiny gun. well, have fun with it.

Some stuff to do:

  • Take it to school!
  • Shoot your siblings!
  • Shoot your parents! (maybe not...)
  • See if you can Fit it in your mouth!
  • See if you can get it out of your mouth!
  • And much, much more!

Special Thanks to:

  • NickAwesome!
  • The Tick!
  • Me!
  • My Brother!
  • My computer!
  • My Friends!
  • The Tick!
  • My T.V.!
  • My Keyboard!
  • The Tick!
  • Ur Mom!
  • Caboose! (RvB)
  • And The Tick!

P.S. - Don't actually try to put it in your mouth. I am not responsible for any injuries or death caused by this gun. (Up to and including swallowing The Tick)
The best pocket gun on the site. 3-ammo cap, and eve true trigger. It makes all block triggers quite obsolete. 5/5
Sad fact: I don't have enough pieces to build this gun ;p (by that I mean not enough black Y connectors) <br>
I wish I could have taken this to that mechanics lecture and shot the professor in his STUPID BALD HEAD!!!!!
the germ by knexsuperbulderfreak is smaller.
sorry, I have to change what it says at the top, my "Ticker" is much smaller.
Is my gun the same size or not?
What does it shoot, dust?
"ticker" is slang for heart not (removed by community request)
I know.
You're sick.
Hmmmm... This sounds interesting, do you mean to rephrase ticker as bung hole licker lol??
I'm DrWeird.
build it from the pic, it cant be too hard
i tried,it didnt work *cough,sniff,sniff,tear*
my micro tick is 1/2 inch long
I built a smaller one (:
Can i post that for you?
sure, go ahead. Just so long as i get the credit.
sorry about the last two being well, two comments. this all should be counted as one and can i mod it? i got some ideas but it says &quot;all rights reserved&quot;.
but still just one another awesome gun.
this is awesome! i built two and then watched 100 ways to die. some funny stuff on that there show, man
wow! with it's size im still surprised about the 3 bullets mag I thought it would be more of a single shot. Very nice though
Does not work. Even when I chopped off the yellow rod (SNIFF!!!) it didn't work.
Works for others, are u sure u built it right?
Did you know? TheDunkis just beated your gun. His is smaller, works better, and I even added a safety!!! And it doesn't use any broken parts!!!
wat, you mean his nano gun? i alredy beat that.
In size, yes. In overall function, no.
we werent trying to make the best functioning guns, just the smallest.
NOT TRUE. I built the Nanogun and the Tick, and the Nanogun WAS SMALLER!!!!!
dude, look at the top. i alredy beat him with that, not the tick.
i probably beat that
were is it i cant find it but i think i made a smaller one
It is on www.knexinnovation.com, you need to search a bit. It functions better.
made it but the 'mag' is so tight can't shoot. : ( could you post the ticker? : )
Happybirthday was going to post it, but if he doesn't finish soon, then yes I will.
&nbsp;ok k thx&nbsp;
in cn fit in my mouth
&nbsp;you would know...
"sigh" now my rod has no head!

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