Quick! Make a Tight, Light-controlled tone generator! It's a fun to build little devise that can be made out of easy to find electronic components! Even better is that it has a cool name! The "Light Theremin" (Th-air-ah-min) that I will be showing you how to make today is a tone generator who's pitch varies directly with its light input.
I would suggest putting this project together on a breadboard first and then soldering it up on perfboard if you enjoy it!

Step 1: Do You Have The Parts?

The necessary parts:

* Small wires for making connections
* Female RCA (TV cable) adapter. I use these for power input on all of my soldered-up projects.
* Female headphone jack (1/8 in. / 3.5mm.)
* Phototransistor. THIS IS NOT AN LED
* 10,000pf ceramic capacitor. #103. This is the same as 0.01uf or 10nf
* 4 different valued resistors. 4.7 Kilohm, 10 Kilohm, 22 Kilohm, and 10 Megohm
* NPN transistor
* 555 timer IC (integrated circuit)
* DIP-8 (dual in-line package - 8) IC socket

****If you don't know where to find these things, head on over to MOUSER.com and search for them! make sure to look at the datasheet of each item before ordering!****

****Note that both the DIP-8 IC socket and the female RCA adapter plug are unnecessary for building this project on a breadboard.

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