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Step 1: The Time-Cup - a Steampunk Timer / Clock

Hi all,

the Time-Cup is a new Invention from me. A Steampunk Timer/Clock completely without a pointer or display.

The time is indicated by Soundsticks from an old Wall Clock with Westminster Sound.

We need:

Soundsticks from a Wall Clock

Holder from a Brass Mirror

Threaded Rod

Brass Parts ( Brass Cup, Tubes, Ornaments.... )

Arduino Nano

Solenoids ( for every Soundstick 1 pc ) 6V found on Ebay

Thin Cables

Stepdown Converters

Coldlight inverter for the Neon Tube


Popplar Wood and Colour

Led´s with the Colour you like

2 Component Adhesives or Resin

TIP120 Transistor

2.2K Resistor

1N4007 Diodes

Beautifully designed!
I love the design! Looks awesome!

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