Picture of The Tin Foil Paper Airplane. Any design you want.
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This was originially for the Toss It! Speed challenge, which has ended. So this effects the contest in no way.

Recently in 2008, scientists I (GorillazMiko) have discovered that it is possible to use tin foil (aluminum) to make paper airplanes, and it is very easy. Many other people may have known this, but it has not been posted onto Instructables, so yeah, there we have it. There was also a method discovered on how to flatten it out, which I found out with my friend. People may use this method, but I'm not sure. It's not on Instructables, is it? The paper airplanes you design with the aluminum foil could be either very light (a couple of grams), or either kind of heavy, depends on the way you make it.

This Instructable shows you how to flatten out a piece of tin foil paper, cutting it, folding, and making it easy to make your own paper airplane.

So are you ready to fold some planes?
You bet I am.
Let's get to work soldiers.

Please ignore the pictures with the Toss It! Paper. Well, don't ignore it. You need it. It's just that the contest is over, and this was made during that time. Sorry.

Step 1: Items.

Picture of Items.
The items are extremely easy to get.

  • A normal US letter size piece of paper. A4 would work.
  • Some aluminum paper tin foil paper whatever. Make sure it is BIGGER than the normal paper, unless you have a perfect cutter or something.
  • Book, or flat surface. Not too strong. A hardcover book (not too thick) works great.
  • X-Acto knife. (Optional)
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,, lol,,
Screamo4 years ago
Oooh I never thought of using tin foil, >:D i light paper airplanes on fire and through them out the window
Inventor X5 years ago
Heya dude.
Not to be offencive to you, but what the heck?
Tin foil PAPER airplanes?
Shouldnt it just be Tin foil planes?
Just like CameronC said.
Derin5 years ago
Try some duraluminum foil :D
For those that do not know, duraluminum is an alloy used in making aircraft.
Ha...it might be a little more expensive, though.
a duraluminum rc!
jibatsu6 years ago
woo it works 2~ space 2 , space words space 2 , space 2 ~
jibatsu6 years ago
testing small and crossed out
CameronC6 years ago
But id its made of tin foil, hows it a PAPER airplane
Chromatica6 years ago
great instructable 5*
A few questions that are unrealted, how do you do the cross through text and smaller text size? Any other text combos I should be aware of? Thanks
GorillazMiko (author)  joejoerowley7 years ago
~ <--- Put two of those, space, whatever you want crossed out, space, then two more of those, and it strikes though.
Example: Eggs.

, <-- Comma. Pretty obvious. Put two of those, space, words, space, two more, and then it's small, but down.
<-- Caret. Or Carat. Forgot. Anyways, put 3 of those, space, words, space, three more, and that's small words, but up.

Example: Down. Up.
what do u mean by those?
hey, I noticed you were also on rocketdock.
too bad u can't just use html tags blah etc.
dosent work
~ <--- ~ <--- lol
~~ shut up ~~ i mean ~~ be quite ~~
~~ AWSOME ~~ im gunna talk like this forever!
Cool, I never knew how to do that!
Thanks so much Man!!
yay! i can talk small now!
Wasagi6 years ago
You'll take someone's eye out!!
GorillazMiko (author)  Wasagi6 years ago
You don't have to type it like how you did. You can just put two "," then ALL YOUR WORDS then 2 "," again.
Oh, my bad.
mg0930mg6 years ago
Wow. This is exactly how we make ours for school. It's fun, and they fly pretty well. P.s. If you keep the paper in then fold over with the tin foil. It is heavier, it may fly better, depending on the way you throw.
thim7 years ago
~~ haha ~~
thim7 years ago

Gjdj37 years ago
Scientists... I (GorillazMiko). Haha. I loved that line.
you mean ~~ scientists ~~ I (GorillazMiko).
Gjdj3 Gjdj37 years ago
Oh, and i just noticed the Red Book. A little outdated maybe. Haha. I just got the '05 one from my brother so i'm a bit outdated also.
codongolev7 years ago
I've made an airplane from a piece of metal from an energy drink.
joey25426677 years ago
fret3157 years ago
thats ok i guess
gumwrapper7 years ago
I like it - it's shiny and looks quite aerodynamic!
Hey will you join my air plane group and put your paper air plane instructables in it.
iPodGuy7 years ago
Says the contest is over on the 20th.
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