The Tiny, Stupid Kitchen





Introduction: The Tiny, Stupid Kitchen

This is the kitchen in my condo. My roommate and I share this space and, as you can see, it has basically no counter space. Note the disgusting wooden cutting board built into the counter making an entire section unusable. I actually really like cooking and baking, so this poses a problem. Also, the former tenant was a heavy smoker and all the cabinets smell like smoke. If I won this contest, I would replace the smokey, nasty cabinets and replace the countertops. Maybe my ideas aren't the most ambitious, but really I just want to make my kitchen more functional and less smokey. I'm a poor college student, so I couldn't do this without you. Yes, YOU! So please help me out and make my dream of having a kitchen I can use come true.



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Other than a good scrubbing, you are OK - get/make a cutting board that goes in over the sink. If you're lucky enough to have a garbage disposal, punch a hole through the board, and you can drop stuff right in as you work.

My "first apartment" I shared with my girlfriend (and now wife of 27 years) had a fridge, freestanding stove and a sink with two side cupboards. We had to use the kitchen table for all of our work. The bathroom was literally so small you could put sit on the toilet, put your foot in the tub and your head in the sink at the same time! The Bed didn't have walkways on both sides, and had a direct view of the micro kitchen. Studio was an understatement.