Step 8: Holy crap, i think it's done!

If you somehow managed to get through this atrociously written article and something has been made other than a mess, i congratulate you. Feel good for making something despite my badly written instructions.
Very nice! I have done a similar project, though I put the fake leaves on paper on the screen end so that the owner would have access to her ports and such, since mine was a permanent installation. <br /> <br />I plan on doing the project once more, and this time I hope to make full use of the laser cutter at the local hackerspace. I plan to break down and rebuild the battery casing, and to mount it in the spine of the book, covered by one of the laser-cut living hinges. I will probably post my project log here once it's complete. <br /> <br />I am very glad to not be the only one doing this.
Cool idea
I thought I&nbsp;was really clever to think of making a faux-book case for my little laptop but it looks like you've already done it (I haven't yet). It looks great, but I can't tell what holds it closed?<br />
the only closing aid is the weight of the lid, and the stiffness of the cardboard. i was considering adding a lock to it, but it seems everyone who uses the netbook in my household pulls it out, so now it's just a very awesome&nbsp; storage box <br />
Nice work, but have you thought about the airflow?
That's the beauty part: the netbook rarely gets hot. and with the one fabric only side being on the same side as the outlet, it rarely gets very hot. Apologies for the long delay between replies, I've had an interesting season to say the least
I'm using netbooks since the EeePC 701 (701-901-AAO-1000h) and they ALL get hot... I like the idea but i have to say, that i fear your Buddy will overheat one day...
Hmm... very true, i'm too used to my full size Toshiba, a notebook that melts plastic tablecloths at idle and doubles as a space heater. The Netbook gets no where near as hot, also, it doesn't seem to like being in the Tome, it escapes and sleeps on the dining room table
What netbook is that?
Averatec Buddy, a copy of the MSI wind, not a bad buy for what i got in the box for the price
The only thing you are missing, is the words "Don't Panic" inscribed on the front cover.
do you have your towel?
"Tome of Infinite Knowledge" is an awesome name. I was wondering the same thing about air flow. I wonder if you could gut out and modify a big book like when gangsters hide guns and money and such. Hmmm...now I've got ideas for other things. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
Looks cool, nice project : )

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