You know those little games where the last person that presses the button gets a little jolt?
Well this little device just plan blows them out of the water. Remember hot potato? Well this is its 21 Century replacement.  Its fun for stupid drunken people, or a really nasty joke on someone you don't like. Originally this was just an idea i had after building another circuit that I used to cut holes in can's or pop light bulbs etc. While building that circuit I got a pretty good shock. And well to top it off I have some really stupid friends that enjoy getting drunk and playing drinking games. This is the evolution in stupidity and drinking games. The Toss-O-Tazer as with all "drinking games" this is for adults that make there own choices and not for children. 

Step 1: Disclaimer

If you are stupid enough to make/copy this device remember the following. 
1. I'm not responsible for you hurting yourself, your friends, or your belonging's
2. I have an Electronics System Technologist Diploma, I understand electricity you likely do not. 
3. I have tested this setup to make sure it isn't lethal in anyway shape or form you should too. 
4. Don't copy this device, trust me I wish I didn't come up with the idea. 
5. Also if someone beats the crap out of you for tossing them a device like this, it isn't my fault!
6. Don't use this device if you have heart issues or a pace maker. 
7. Don't use this device if you are soaking wet. Yes it isn't lethal but you may damage the device or shock more then one person at once. 

Otherwise have fun and be safe. 
You think 100 mA is what you need to stop the heart?!?!?! Try 5mA across the heart.
yes its 5mA unprotected by all the skin and flesh.... like when your in surgery.<br>Have you ever measured your skins resistance?<br>Do you have a diploma or degree in a electronics related field? and computer sciences doesn't count.<br><br>Also... unless you're going to post something constructive please refrain for commenting on my Instructables <br>
The basic rule is to go for 8-10 mA of current as stopping the heart. The resistance of flesh doesn't matter, only the voltage to carry it to the heart. And I DO have a background in ELECTRICAL engineering - High voltage, pulses, all ELECTRICAL, not electronics based.<br>DavidRobertson's comment is constructive in that it starts discussions about electrical safety - never refuse that with HV.
No...<br>Because this happens with all &quot;shocking&quot; projects it just turns into a flame war
What happens with all shock projects, and what do you mean by flame war?
The big boys play with a grenade. pull the pin out and pass it around...<br><br>You of course, know to wear gloves before you fire it up?
LOL wearing gloves is cheating! <br>but yes some glove would protect you from the shock! <br>

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