The Totally Awesome Pencil Cannon





Introduction: The Totally Awesome Pencil Cannon

This is really easy to make but the part other than the rubberband is hard to get so use something else.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

you will need
1.a pencil
2.a rubberband
3.a hollow tube like thing

Step 2: Add the Rubberband and How to Fire

put the rubberband over the end and strectch then wrap around til its on. and to fire
put in the pencil andpull back then release!



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    Try lobbing used Q-tips. Nothing like earwax to ruin someone's day.

    Simple, which is always good. Simple uncomplicates a project to where someone somewhat new to 'office warfare' could build one to lob items into other people's workspaces. Built one for Dad who works in an office, and he spends half his day working, the other half lobbing Q-Tips into other cubicles. (The Q-Tips keep people safe while being irritating.)

    this is kinda embarasing but how do u tye up tye up the rubber band to the tube.

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    This is just like a pen bow except with out long arms. To make a pen bow just take the ink container out of a pen (a BIC pen or something like it) the drill a hole the width of the ink container throught the center of the pen casing. then you tape a rubber band so you can pull the ink cartrige back through the hole and use the elasticity to shoot it at sometihing.

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    the first time i red this it didnt make sense but know i under stand but it doesnt work very well

    i knew how to make those (and got detention for it) in fourth grade

    ME 2(and im in sixth) I made one that shot bbs

    put bamboo skewers in it. works alot better

    i reely like this instructable, tom. i give it 5 stars because all of the new ultra un imaginably hard to make cannons are, like....ultra unimaginably hard to make

    cool.i used PVC pipe for the tube also like i saw in another instructable, use a ballon instead of rubber band it works great

    ive been making these things 4 a while

    this is kinda like the bb pencil & pen