Step 2: Materials Used

Picture of Materials Used
Materials Used:
    - A 10-gallon air tank. (Any tank will work)
    - Dual trumpet air horn. (Any large horn will work)
    - 2 bungee cords (Any strap will do)
    - Duct tape
    - Air blow gun attachment for air tank
    - 4 foot long 1/2 inch thick hose (running from the air tank to the horn. Any length of hose will do)

Optional Materials:
    - An old towel (so the air tank doesn't scratch the bike luggage rack)
    - A large hose clamp (for placement of the horn)

    Air Horn-   Any where from $15 to $200 on Amazon. The one i used is HERE
    Air Tank- Any where from $30 to $60. I used some old tank. You can buy them HERE
   Bungee Cords/ Straps- Very cheap @ any local hardware store. About $5 each.
   Air gun attachment, duct tape, hose, and large hose clamp- Very cheap @ any hardware store.
tseay3 years ago
If the bike is tipped over or crashed and the tank gets cracked or the valve breaks off, what are some of the safety concerns for having a air tank strapped so close to a person. Don't want a Wild E Coyote incident happening with the tank. I have hear of large high pressure tanks falling over and the valve breaking and the tank getting shot through cinder block wall and wrecking cars in the parking lot. Old retired dude told me that story.
leea93 years ago
The first link is broke. Try this