Step 4: Test Drive

Picture of Test Drive
You are finished! Now that wasn't so hard, was it? To blow the horn, simply make sure that the air tank valve is open and push down the lever on the blow gun attachment.

Now that your amazing project is completed, it is recommended for pranks, scares, showing off, and just having fun. The possibilities are all up to you! 

Please comment and favorite if you like it! This is my first instructable so please follow me for cool new ideas. Oh and one last note, if you see the police, i DON'T recommended blowing the horn. 
feeblington2 years ago
that is utterly ridiculous and want it on my bike
rob22183 years ago
Definitely could've used one of these in college 20 years back. Did the same thing..though only with a small "air horn" attached to my bicycle transport I used while getting to and from class to my apartment....scared the bee-geezus outta some old lady one day.....she inadvertantly stepped on the "GAS peddle" vs. the brake peddle and landed in the middle of the median...luckily she didn't run over any students and her ticker held up....by I sure as heck got nervous..
onemoroni13 years ago
Cool idea, scare the hell out of unsuspecting motorist and pedestrians. Although it is a novelty it is convenient to do with materials, could sub zip ties for tape, but I like the easy on and off install. I once heard of a guy who installed a huge fog horn under his mini truck and had scuba tanks to power it up.