As part of our Second Year Product Design course we were given the brief to design a working radio. The Travelling Radio has been designed to suit a young adult who loves to travel the world. The radio will provide the user with a connection to the rest of the world and the idea is that it is able to fit the drinks holder of any type of transport.

This is a step-by-step guide of how I manufactured the radio. 

Step 1: Exploded View

I've attached the exploded view of my radio design. This helps to show how each component is attached to each part. Below is a component list that shows what I used to make this radio. Some of the materials used could be changed and altered depending on what you prefer. 

Material List:

Plastic Cup (to suit size of circuit board)
High Density Modelling Polystyrene
3mm MDF
Wood Glue
Super Glue
Double-sided Tape
Circuit Board and Components (from Sony Radio ICF-S22)
Spray Paint

Tool List:

Various drills

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