The Travelling Radio: Hacking a radio for someone who travels the world

Picture of The Travelling Radio: Hacking a radio for someone who travels the world
As part of our Second Year Product Design course we were given the brief to design a working radio. The Travelling Radio has been designed to suit a young adult who loves to travel the world. The radio will provide the user with a connection to the rest of the world and the idea is that it is able to fit the drinks holder of any type of transport.

This is a step-by-step guide of how I manufactured the radio. 
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Step 1: Exploded View

Picture of Exploded View
I've attached the exploded view of my radio design. This helps to show how each component is attached to each part. Below is a component list that shows what I used to make this radio. Some of the materials used could be changed and altered depending on what you prefer. 

Material List:

Plastic Cup (to suit size of circuit board)
High Density Modelling Polystyrene
3mm MDF
Wood Glue
Super Glue
Double-sided Tape
Circuit Board and Components (from Sony Radio ICF-S22)
Spray Paint

Tool List:

Various drills

Step 2: Hacking the original radio

Picture of Hacking the original radio
At the start of this project we were given a Sony ICF-S22 FM/AM radio to use to make our own working radio. Our first task was to hack the radio so that we could use the components inside the radio. 
The photographs show a few of the stages. 

Step 3: Changing the circuit board

Picture of Changing the circuit board
In order for the circuit board to fit into my design I have to rewire and move some of the components about. I had to move the tuner, headphone jack, FM/AM switch and the on/off and volume control cog. These were removed my de-soldering the relevant parts so the part would come out of the main circuit board. Wires were then soldered onto the component and then into the relevant hole on the circuit board. Lengthening the components from the circuit board allowed them to fit into my initial idea for the radio.