Picture of The Travolette

It's no secret that drums and other percussion instruments are made in my workshop ... at least it isn't anymore if it ever was. Like most fabrication processes, there are leftovers ... mmmm leftovers. I love leftovers ... especially meatloaf and chili ... delicious. Anyway, they aren't leftovers as much as they are scraps or cut offs .. and not the kind of scraps you feed your family pet under the table when the Warden isn't looking.

Step 1: The Parts

Picture of The Parts

Plywood drum shell stock comes in 24" deep tubes. Once you acquire all of your desired shells from this tube, you usually have a cut off. Maybe you are some Woodworking/Mathematics Ninja and/or you have the power to calculate everything perfectly, resulting in no scrap. In that case, I would like to hang out with you and Chuck Norris ... at the same time.

I however, am far from a Ninja .. I don't even own pajamas .. but I did have a 2.5" deep cut off of 8" diameter shell stock. I also had this Poplar board with some interesting grain and coloring.

I decided to make a Travolette, because I saw one on youtube, it looked pretty cool, and would fit right in on my big floating shelves.

kewrw281 year ago

A thought,

Maybe you could wrap the drum with Velcro. One side or the other. beautiful project. Thanks for sharing!

Kiteman1 year ago

Could we hear it?

I second this notion!

hammer98761 year ago

I never heard of this before. Thanks!


-BALES- (author)  hammer98761 year ago

That's the exact video! That guy makes some cool stuff. I might have to make a Hat Box, Sizzle Board, and a perpetual rain stick.

alcurb1 year ago


Very cool Instructable, I have a few nice leftovers from various wood working projects as well and this seems like a great way to put them to use. Thanks for sharing!

Costarus1 year ago

- Thanks for the drum, uncle!

- Please nephew. I'm your uncle. And it is cheap.

- But dad gives me every morning $1, if only I hadn't knocked.

shed boy1 year ago
Very nice
Scumm71 year ago

Smart use of a bad cut!

jmwells1 year ago
I can see my daughters wanting to kill me if I make these for my grand kids, all under six. Good looking project.