This quilted play mat includes lots of interesting textures and fun crinkly leaves. It's also crazy cute, and would look adorable in any baby's room!  

Finished size is about 42 inches across, depending on fabric shrinkage. 

Step 1: Materials and Equipment


Main fabric (The aqua on mine): 1/2 yard of each of 3 different quilting fabrics.
Scalloped border fabric (orange on mine): 1/4 yard of each of 3 different quilting fabrics.
Backing Fabric: 1 1/2 yards. Any light to medium weight woven cotton fabric will work.
Leaves: 1/8 yard each of 4 different fabrics. Scraps work great for this! I used satin, corduroy, and plush minky. Look for interesting textures.
Tree Trunk: 20" by 12" piece. I used dot minky.
Quilt batting: 45" by 45". I used Warm and Natural "Baby/ Crib" size.
a small amount of poly fill
a crinkly snack/ chip bag

It is best if you do not prewash or preshrink your main and scalloped boarder fabrics. They will quilt up better if they are quilted before washing. 


a sewing machine
scissors, and a rotary cutter and mat, if you have one.
chalk or disappearing fabric pen
lots of pins!
a chopstick
paper and pencil for drafting your templates
<p>Really cute, love this!</p>
I love love love this!!! Did you have any trouble working with the minky dot fabric for the tree trunk? Did you sew the raw edge or fold under a seam?
Ellen Zilcoski
So cute! I kind of wish I knew someone with a baby so I could make this.
I made this play mat last week for a baby gift. It is the cutest thing I ever made! I added a corduroy red bird in the tree. Thanks for the great idea!!<br>
This is the cutest thing ever! I stink at sewing but I'd be willing to try this!
This is the cutest project! I'm working on mine right now :-) since i'm 34 weeks pregnant it's a slow process lol.I'll try to add a pic when i'm done
Oh my goodness! I have to make this for my new niece we are welcoming in August.
Yes, I want to make this!
I want one! Need to organize dig to unearth my sewing stuff!
Who do you think is getting this one? ;)
NAAWWW how cute :3
It's just lovely!
super adorable
I love this! Beautifully executed.
I love it. So creative and different. I think you really have a winner!
This is beautiful! Well done!
Looks wonderful!

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