If you ever wanted to hang your friends' twitter wishes in a tree, here's your chance. This Christmas ornament ball will use Twitter's API to grab tweets with a certain hashtag, username or keyword and display them. All you need is a WiFi module, an arduino, an LCD display some cable and you're ready to go.

Step 1: Parts

Things you'll need:

1. Arduino Uno Rev 3 - Arduino Store
2. RN-XV WIfly Module - Sparkfun
3. 20x4 Serial Enabled LCD - Sparkfun
4. JST jumper cable - Sparkfun
5. A plastic ornament ball (about 5 1/2 inch or 14 cm in diameter) - Hobby stores
6. Power adapter - Adafruit
7. Extension cable - Adafruit
7. Some duct tape, masking tape and spray paint - Hobby stores

<p>I love the idea and I want to make it for a university project. I basically want to make it as an update wall where people can tweet random statuses about the class to it. For it to be fully visible from further away I'd like to use a bigger screen. <br>Is there any way to do that and if so how? I'd like to go around 10x5 inches.</p>

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