Picture of The Twittering Office Chair
The Twittering office chair "tweets" (posts a Twitter update) upon the detection of natural gas such as that produced by human flatulence. This is part of my commitment to accurately document and share my life as it happens.

For more in depth theory, please see the next step entitled Theory.

See the results of the toots of your on labor on Twitter.

Step 1: Theory

Picture of Theory
According to my coworker, Twitter is supposed to happen in that space between Flickr posts and Facebook updates, in the space when life actually happens. Well, in the space of time "when life actually happens," life actually happens. It is neither pretty nor ugly. It is just life. If Twitter is supposed to be a document of life as it happens, then it should really document life, indiscriminately, as it happens without interference. If it fails to do this, then life then becomes the space between "tweets" (Twitter posts).

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance, to be able to update Twitter with life events without actually interfering with the event themselves. The documentation of life, henceforth, needs to be automated.

That said, I decided the first part of life that needed to be documented was my daily flatulence at work. I am not going to lie, I am a gassy individual. Since my flatulence is a part of life, it would be fraudulent of me to document life as it happens without documenting these occurrences.

In keeping with the process of non-interference in daily activity, I have created an office chair to both detect and Twitter my flatulence without having to bother me to update it myself.
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davidbarcomb9 months ago

Haha love this!

Thats superior...
didibemi2 years ago
hahaha I wonder what takes someone to build this >.< but it's creative :D
Chloe82 years ago
silly haha
Man...people around you are gonna get blond! XD
17 farts in one day?!?!?!?! i really hope you don't have co-workers in the same room.
techboy4113 years ago
Super silly!!!!!!!
robwok4 years ago
I'm very concerned about this. What if all chairs were equipped wtih such sensors, then once a threshold was reached, a carbon tax would be executed. What if some companies were more taxed than others - would they cancel rice and beans day in the company cafeteria? No more chilli cookoffs as a part of team events? Think of the repercussions man! ;)
Miss C4 years ago
I have to agree with mith91 ... absolutely hilarious!

sammy jr - never heard of that company but can recommend http://www.margolisfurniture.co.uk/office_storage

Of course if I was to sit on that chair you'd never hear a tweet out of me all day
ylpihs4 years ago
Really nice post. Just gave you 5 stars :)
mman15065 years ago
nice easter egg
mephedaw6 years ago
....over 3000 people are following your farts. wow.
ap1922 mephedaw5 years ago
Now its 3460 :)
godofal5 years ago
my god, this is GREAT :D

where can we follow that chair??
mith915 years ago
Omg that is hilarious!....I wonder if it could be expanded to coworkers chairs as well. lol
sammy jr mith915 years ago
just found this site. The effort some people make to make an "interesting" tweet is hilarious :)

actually I am looking for a Chair (that's how I laned on this page), does anyone know this company?

MegaMaker6 years ago
Congratz, you can now send "twoots".
Nicolas M5 years ago
 cool i'm gonna do one of these.
Can you help me find some kind of way to make it detect when i sit, stand, and how much weight is put upon it?
randofo (author)  Nicolas M5 years ago
Sitting and standing is easy! Weight is going to be very difficult. I recommend starting with Plusea's projects.

 Thanx a Lot, I'm currently following OfficeChair on Twitter, for some further information, my idea of the weight measurement is to save some ranges of weight so that somehow the chair knows who of the people that usually sits on it sits. Also, I recently thought making this in my family's couch, it would be so cool 'cause its a big couch for like 4 or 5 people, it could tweet like, "the one on the further right farted on me".
Thanks again
cornboy35 years ago
Great idea but you could do this without any dependencies and python pain in php.
randofo (author)  cornboy35 years ago
Adding dependencies in Python takes only a few minutes. Learning PHP would take a few days. Besides, I found that Python is much friendlier than PHP
M8R-9kie085 years ago
My favorite part about this fart related post is the advertisement for "high fiber" soup. Now that's targeted advertising!
Kaiven5 years ago
Hahaha, Nice one!
darkclaw425 years ago
 Got a kick out of this one. Cool idea! :)
Would be BA if it could tell what you ate.. 
awang85 years ago
You haven't farted since May 31st,,, Hmm...
I don't get tweets anymore.
I just had a look on Twitter and you fart a LOT
Could you put sensors on so it tweets when you spin, sit down, slide or any other thing like that?
randofo (author)  eggyeggyeggy5 years ago
Yes, the next modification I want to make to it is to sense when someone is sitting in it and for how long and then comment upon that.
It would be so cool!!!
When you spin it could say "I'm getting reeeeaaaally dizzy" and when you sit on it it could say "God he's so fat" (no offense and I'm not saying you are fat)
Fake_Name6 years ago
If you're using a Potentiometer as a variable resistor, you should really connect the wiper to one end of the resistive element. The wiper in pots occationaly looses contact with the resistive element, and in certain situations it can cause bad things to happen.

While it's not so critical here, it is good electronics hygiene.
Do you mean that a SPARK might occur!? Whooof! BLAM!
Yeah, its not smart to keep electronics near your farting butt.
The chair should be fitted with something that produces a flame instead of a tweet. That would be funny as hell.

Maybe a mesh office chair like one here: http://www.intercounty.com could make linking the whole thing up to a human easier?
Someone should make a version of this that uses a capacitor to cause a spark when it detects gas....
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