Step 4: Attach the Sensor

Attach the sensor to the mounting bracket by follow the wiring in the schematic pictured. If you don't have a trimpot, you can insert a resistor value between 22K and 47K (a trimpot is recommended).

When the components are inserted, solder them in place. You may want to first cut off any extra leads that may confuse you.

See the datasheet here.
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Sitting and standing is easy! Weight is going to be very difficult. I recommend starting with Plusea's projects.<br /> <br /> https://www.instructables.com/member/plusea<br />
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If you're using a Potentiometer as a variable resistor, you should <em>really</em> connect the wiper to one end of the resistive element. The wiper in pots occationaly looses contact with the resistive element, and in certain situations it can cause bad things to happen.<br/><br/>While it's not so critical here, it <em>is</em> good electronics hygiene.<br/>
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