My uniform of the day, most days is a t-shirt.  Love the simplicity, feel, utility, and price!  I get a lot of shirts at thrift shops for around two dollars most days. So I find it real hard to pay 12, 20 dollars or more for the same thing, only newer perhaps. I recently bought some white shirts with the idea that they would be great for summer wear, and be very visible while riding the bike.  But white is plain white, and I decided to "spiff" up a couple of shirts.  I came up with the ideas presented here, and am happy with the result.

Step 1: Before and After Shots

I think the simple designs make a world of difference!
Hi Creativeman, Great project!!! I've been following your instructables for a while now. This one and your faux granite signs are over the top in my book!!
Thank you bigloaf!

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Bio: Retired, doing art work now. Great. Have the time and the money to spend doing what I want to do.
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