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Introduction: The Two Story Igloo

      This is an Igloo that i made after the big snow storm here in oklahoma. It took me about five days to complete it and on the last day...*sigh*  right after we took these pictures the whole entire roof moved. so it was destroyed. :( oh well. it still rocked.
      To make the walls we used a plastic box that we filled with snow and then dumped over to make blocks. To make the roof we had to add water to the snow to make slush because the snow didnt pack well. then for the top level we used the blocks again.

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    nice job very nice

    Is the roof just made out of snow? or is it made out of wood?

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    it is made out of slush. i just added water to the snow and turned it to slush. then took slush balls and packed them on. in the freezing temperatures it froze so that the roof was solid ice.

    (removed by CIA or the FBI)

    what did you use to make the blocks? and what is the picture with the ramp? 8th and 9th from last.

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    rlnbkseeberger, i just used a plastic box that i found in my house. it is about ten or so inches on all sides and about seven inches deep. it worked really well, you just have to over fill it with snow and then pack it down like a mad man.(: then dump it over and you have yourself a block. just keep making them in the shape of the igloo and then start another level. good luck.

    Next time use the reply button at the bottom right of his comment, as he will not get a notification and will most likely not read that comment :-)

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    thanks for the heads up. (; I am new to instructables. well, i have been around the site a while but just recently joined.

    you are a winner